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    In my profile I said it all as follows: I am so fortunate to be married to a wonderful woman who shares and embraces being an ABDL with me as well, she is AB. She is known as PinkJammies on this website. We are very happily married and would not be together without the grace of God. I work a regular job for a living and nobody who knows us would ever suspect either of us of being ABDL. It is important to note that being an ABDL is desert in our marriage, not the main course. We love to engage in it, but only when "Ozzie and Harriett" are alone and there is no more daily business to worry about. To those out there who long for the perfect spouse who also happens to be an ABDL, it is not impossible. Keep looking and praying. Being an ABDL as you know is not for most people and should be approached cautiously for those who want to share it with a significant other. In case you are wondering, I met my wife through another ABDL website a few years ago. We didn't need something like E-Harmony... and dating sites like that probably would not be a good place to find someone like-minded in an ABDL fetish in the first place.

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    Can I assume you guys got to chatting, and quite apart from diapers discovered things like each other's spirituality, sense of humor, politics, attitudes to parenting (or if you want to avoid it,) and idea of what things you'll spend your lives together doing.

    Yes, what goes on in private is really important and there must be compatibility there. But a shared fetish all by itself is very far from enough; yes?

    It is soooo great to hear of two people happily sharing this. Many happy couples don't have much use for a support site, failing to see how much they can contribute or preferring not to in favor of their privacy.

    There are some couples on here where one partner has trouble with their other and his abdl identity. (I would have said his kink but that's not politcally correct these days.) I hope you can help out other couples, him or others, and I'll fetch his thread.

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    Sounds like you are a lucky man.
    I am now enjoying my single-hood.
    Though I am searching for a mate right now!

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