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Thread: I comfirmed my shopping cart...

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    Default I comfirmed my shopping cart...

    As you can all imagine, I'm in a state of complete excitement/nervousness... I've never owned a diaper that I can remember, so this will be my first diapers to enjoy as a dl! parents are going to be gone for a week, so this was timed perfectly. The cost was iffy for me at first, but I realized the amount of happiness I would get from this, so I just plunged.
    Here's what I got for my loot...
    1. A case of classico bambino medium diapers
    2. a pack of 20 ABU cushies with babyfresh scent
    3. a pack of 14 Molicare super plus diapers

    These will be locked in my closet and will hopefully last me a good 3 months or so!

    So happy I've finally done this, was this a reasonable first buy guys?

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    Good for you, I hope that you're going to enjoy yourself as much I did when I bought my first pack.

    The first time is always nerve raking but with time, it'll become like a second nature.

    Have fun and enjoy your padding

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    Sounds like a very good buy - though... you can't go back to anything worse now! I made that mistake starting on Bambino... made tena/attends feel crap!

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    the thing you've got to be careful of with a stash that size is 1. where are you gonna hide it? and 2. binge-purge cycle
    I assume from what you've said you've got 1. covered, just watch out for 2. and don't be tempted to junk any of them before using them :-)

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    Well I don't think I would really want to purge, my girlfriend is aware that I'm doing this since I've been pretty open with her about it. She pretty much left it at "I don't really care if I see it, but I don't want to see you in one", which is pretty understandable at this point, so yeah, as long as she's not flipping her lid about it I think I'll be keeping this stash for a nice while.

    To Eeyore,
    I've read quite a lot about bambino diapers as being kind of the top tier for general dl's, so I decided to go with them. Just wish they weren't sold out of the blanco white ones D:
    care to make a tier of diapers list based on comfort and use? lol!

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    Well it seems that ABU has shipped out my package, but it will not arrive until the day my parents get back on the sixth... they're good about not opening my stuff... but damn it! lol.
    I guess I'll just tell them I'm expecting a package with some N64 stuff from Ebay... I did actually order some stuff from Ebay, so maybe this alibi will work out?

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    Hehe, as eeyore said the one "problem" is that you are starting with pretty top-of-the-line diapers

    From what I've tried, the Abena M4/L4 (M/L being the size) is fairly similar to Bambinos in terms of awesomenes, and I've heard good things from Dry 24, so you might want to look into those if you feel like trying something different.

    Anyway, that's getting ahead of ourselves. Enjoy and don't use too much powder ^^

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    Sounds great, hope you can lock your stash up good. I've never tried the ones you ordered, I've stuck to what I can get locally, (mostly Tena slip maxi).

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