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    i'm a writer and a babyfur, i am very shy when i'm not performing something on stage (yes i am a shy actor/musician) but once i know someone well you'll find that i become a bouncy, happy person.
    cuddling one of my plushies ether Vixie (a five foot six fox plushie), Rusty (a smaller fox plushie), Lilly (a three foot heffalump) or Marti who is a very small heffalump mostly Rusty though who is desprate need of a break from being my personal sleeping assistant for the last 10 years
    to all it may interest my main guitar is a 1959 fender stratocaster. to find out more about me, you can look at the prolouge of blue mist

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    Ooh, great intro there TemujinRain, welcome to ADISC!

    We've got a musicians group in the groups section if you search for it you can socialise with everyone else here on ADISC into musical things!

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    Hey there, welcome! Awesome that you're from Swindon, it's close to my hometown!!!

    What sort of music do you play? I'm not too sure about the sounds an old stratocaster makes... though I know it's rather valuable?

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    i play i little bit of everything (joy of being grade 8) where you from Eeyore

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