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Thread: How important is it to you that your spouse be AB/DL?

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    Default How important is it to you that your spouse be AB/DL?

    I know this isn't the perfect forum for this, but, hey, it works. Also, I hope that I'm not hurting anyone's feelings using the word "spouse"; it certainly isn't my intention. Now, to the topic at hand...

    How big of an issue is it to you that your future significant other, the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, be into diapers?

    Personally, it would be a *huge* plus for me, as I would not just get to be open about this part of me, but also get to participate in it with my wife, in a variety of fun activities, like... *ahem*...

    ...and that, of course, we'd have quite a common interest. That being said, however, it isn't nearly the most important thing I want in a marriage. I would never marry a woman just because she also liked diapers (but it certainly wouldn't hurt! )... and would be fine with a wife who merely supported and accepted me.

    How about you?

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    There was no answer which I feel reflect my view - I would prefer my partner were not an AB/DL.

    To me, the idea of a partner who is an AB/DL or wears diapers by choice is pretty unattractive. I have no interest in being a Mummy, changing the diapers of a partner, seeing a future partner in diapers or having a partner who wants to be the baby - in fact I think this would be rather a turn-off for me. I would not want a partner who was turned on by my wearing diapers; being AB has no sexual aspect for me and sex makes me a little anxious at the best of terms. Thinking that when I was being little my partner may be taking a sexual interest in my diapers would likely be a cause of anxiety for me. I certainly would not want my partner to be an AB - I really don't like it when partners use babytalk and I don't really like the idea of a partner wanting to act or dress like a baby. I guess for me I very much want to be the little one, and I want to be with a partner who takes the dominant role and who is very much the 'grown-up' in the relationship.

    So I would definitely prefer that my partner were not an AB/DL himself (although that isn't to say I would not enter a relationship with an AB/DL if we were suited in every other way) but I would hope that my future partner might be interested in playing a caretaker role sometimes and wouldn't mind it if I want to act little sometimes and wear diapers, use pacifiers and bottles etc.

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    Like babyjess, I prefer my spouse to be non-ABDL. She isn't ABDL, so at this point I really don't have a choice in the matter. Still, I like having them separate. I want to be (or at least attempt to be) the grown-up she needs in the partnership. As long as she accepts who I am and let's me have my time, I'm a-okay with the arrangement.

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    For me my partner would have to be truly accepting at the very least and allow me to indulge without me feeling like I have to hide it. Participation in one way or another could be nice I guess but is definitely not a requirement. I don't really want a mommy or a caretaker or anything as I'm more of a DL than an AB at this point and I think I'd be perfectly happy just indulging in diapers on my own.

    I think that if my partner is an abdl that it could potentially pose a bit of a problem depending on whether she is more AB than DL. As babyjess pointed out and from what I've read, for a lot of ABs, the regression and being a baby are strictly non-sexual. Whilst I could probably fulfill a daddy role, seeing my partner in a diaper et cetera would definitely be a turn on for me and I don't think I could really stop that. I suppose that it doesn't have to be a problem per ce but that might make her uncomfortable while she is in baby mode. Equally she might not feel comfortable involving diapers in anything sexual with me as she would associate them with being a baby.

    Is there anyone here in a relationship with one party being mostly DL and the other AB, does that pose any problems?

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    I said it's necessary, although what I REALLY meant, is it's necessary for them to be able to appreciate and understand my little side. I would need someone who could understand my emotions, who would take care of me (or let someone else do it if they just can't be a 'parent') when I needed it. Who'd see this is a big part of me and a driving force behind lots of who I am.

    I couldn't date someone who needed me to 'keep it to myself', because, to truly love someone I need to be able to share all of myself with them.

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    Only understand, but not actually be a AB/DL. It would be awkward, IMO.

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