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    ADISC keeps telling me I need to 'level up' goes:

    I am Paul. I work on computers for a living, and love it.

    My Google searches keep bringing me to I like wearing diapers because they're soft and provide a secure feeling; I sleep with Pooh bear and occasionally a binky. I only get a chance to wear diapers a few times per month. I have never had trouble with potty training and cannot ever remember having an accident or wet bed. I wish I could wear diapers to bed most nights. I enjoy reading diaper stories, specifically forced diapering and diaper punishment.

    I am bi/pansexual, meaning I like all types of people (all sexes and genders). That being said, I'm not really into having sex; I prefer to cuddle and talk and explore the brain. I was born with boy parts between my legs, and I identify as male, though I enjoy gender-variance and some cross-dressing. I really like androgyny--when I look at a person and can't determine their sex.

    My job involves computer service and repair, and computers are my hobby too. I'm primarily a Windows user, though I can navigate through Mac and Linux if necessary. I've had a computer repair related job for over 11 years. I have 3 Microsoft certifications (Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 2000 Server, and Internet Explorer 5). The certs are obviously old; I just haven't taken the newer tests.
    I love Techno music; my favorites are Hard House and Happy Hardcore, though I enjoy most electronica. I also listen to top 40s, punk, metal, and country.
    I'm OCD and a spelling/grammar freak, at least about my own writing. I think I've proofread this post about 4 times.

    I'm here mainly to lurk, to read posts and stories, but I will reply if I think I have something worthwhile to say. I spend some time on some *chan sites, but I'll try to keep chan-culture out of my posts here.

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    Hi Paul, welcome. I, too, like the soft secure feelings of wearing a diaper, and never had a problem with potty training or bed wetting. Just curious, why don't you wear more often? I wear to bed every night. I also LOVE the androgynous look, though I am primarily gay. Hope to hear more from you here on ADISC.

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