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    Ok, so I'm on a Winter Guard team and we have a website, but but we want to make a web forum. I wanted to know what the best way to go about this would be. My coach put me in charge of this project, and ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Use this, and for 5 dollars a month you can go from having <website> to <website>.com/org/net

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    I use freeforums or other free forum websites (just search free forum on google or something like that) but if you have your own website you should be aloud to put the forum from free forum under the domain name of the website, and if you running your website on your own server then just do what mandi said and buy phpbb and put it on your server, I don't know how to do either of these things, I've never had my own domain, but I do know you can do it.

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    You can use phpBB provided that your web host lets you use PHP and MySQL in your hsoting package, or what you happen to have.

    But I personally do not like phpBB, I have seen to many of them been vandalized due to it being too insecure. So keep it upto date, don't add too many modificiations. And add some captcha or anti-bot scheme on registration, otherwise you'll get viagra advertisements all over the forum.

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    We do onw a domain but I have no clue how to add forums to the site though.

    ok, so i am working on our web forums use and was wondering how you get themes

    Well I found a free forum service I like, called

    Devereaux_Hills_W :: Index check my forum out and let me know what you think. I know its nothing special
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