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Thread: Coming back once again ^^;

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    Default Coming back once again ^^;

    Hello everyone.

    I haven't been on this site in about a year I'm guessing. But now that I'm not so busy and have more time to be able to post, I felt like it was a good time to come back ^^.

    For the people that don't know me (probably most ) I'm Chrissy, an AB/DL from mass. For hobbies I like to draw and write and play video games

    Not sure what else there is to say... but I'm happy to finally be able to post again

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    Hi Kitty. Welcome back, I look forward to seeing your posts in the forums. Take care.

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    Welcome back! I guess busy is an okay excuse, but you don't get another one =P, kiddings. What video games are you currently hooked on?

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    Welcome back Chrissy! I've not met you before, but hope we bump into each other more on here!

    Glad you have time to come back - I find I'm on here far too much atm, will change once I graduate though!

    What games console do you have?

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