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Thread: Why drugs are bad

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    Default Why drugs are bad

    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    It's just that all threads on drugs are always started by people who enjoy/take/advocate them. Someone could have started a thread warning people about taking drugs, except I haven't seen it happen yet. It's the one-sidedness of the argument that irks me.
    This thread is dedicated to peachy.

    Okay since no one ever created this thread(though i expected it) This thread is about why drugs are bad. (mind body soul ect.)Feel free to share your experiences and so on that have shaped your opion as i am also curios as to why some people take the stance they do.

    Before i even start lets set a few rules to avoid the way threads about drugs usually go.

    This is not about individual drugs this is a blanket thread.
    Please don't come in here strictly with the opion drugs are good, there is two sides to everyone argument and the latter has been done many a time.
    (no mr garison references please)

    EDIT: oh and please don't neg rep me back to the stone age.

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    I think believe everything is find in doses.

    so for Alcohol, I don't drink that often, and when I do its ONLY enough to feel it. Never get "shit faced" Or anything like that. That's not fun. But I find it enjoyable to have a drink here or there.

    For weed. I have a policy with myself, i will only "Try/do" weed every 3 months, and even than I'm not getting totally stoned.

    So if your out there Totally drunk and finding you need to get high or drunk. That's a big problem. i'm not saying there's a big problem with getting drunk, its just not for me. As long as you can do it in a good way. There should not be a problem. As long as you don't do it too much.

    Please no negative rep, I was asked my opinion... I gave it....

    Edit: Just for knowledge. I also have a deal with myself, that I will never drink or smoke for use of a scapegoat, meaning I'm sad or angry.

    also, I would never do anything that is man made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diapered4lyfe View Post
    (no mr garison references please).
    Mmkay Drug are bad mmkay lol jk

    Anyway, every drug, alcohol, and cigarettes has it bad sides but I'm only going to talk about Alcohol and Weed because I know more about them. Alcohol can be dangerous to anyone if they abuse it long enough, trust me I have an alcoholic for a dad when I was growing up and I still remember the fights my mom and dad got into when my dad was drunk off his ass and as for weed, it too can be abuse as well due to side effect of being "stone" when smoking too much of it. I well admitted that I abuse weed a couple times before, when I was down and out because of problem that were happening in my life. Weed can be a easy scapegoat at times when your dealing with too much stuff at once but it not a way to solve your problems, no drugs is so don't use it as one.

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    Drugs and alcohol are bad because they put your mind and body into a state that is unnatural, that they function in ways they wouldn't usually. When you look at it, almost everything that has been designed in this world has been designed for use with a clear or "straight" state of mind. Using drugs or alcohol whilst using these things can easily lead to misuse and result in accidents.

    Furthermore, the effects drugs actually have your person can be just as damaging. To use a common phrase I hear down here amongst drug-users is that "they fry your brain". Leading to impaired judgement, chemical imbalances, psychological disorders, abnormal increases/decreases in mood, emotions, appetite, sleep, paranoia, sex drive, ambition and self-worth, not to mention obvious and permanent personality and physical changes. Any sort of mind/body-altering substance is a potential killer (whether it be first-time user or if you've taken copious amounts), not just in the sense of your own mortality.

    Aside from being illicit, when you take drugs you really don't know what you are getting. I've seen people freak out on ecstasy, because it was laced with a hallucinogenic chemical... and I've also seen them in a state of vegetation because they were laced with a sort of anaesthetic. I've seen extreme cocaine users, acid/LSD users, meth/ice/speed users, heroin users, and the whole rest of them and I can honestly say, if anyone keeps it up for long enough, the results aren't pretty. Marijuana is one of those grey-area drugs here in that I've people who have smoked a lot of it over a long period of time and have turned out for the worse. On the other hand, I've seen other people with no obvious adverse affects.

    Alcohol can be a huge problem in the way of binge drinking, which is an issue that has gained recent attention in media down here. Teenagers especially are susceptible to the grip of alcohol due to parties, peer pressure, or just generally those wanks who want to "look cool" in front of their friends. I have no real problem with alcohol consumption, provided it's done responsibly. The real problem is trying to get that message through to people.

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    It's like using NOs on your engine: the immediate effect is an incredible burst of performance, but after the effect is finished.... you discover that on the long run you have damaged your engine (or you have directly destroyed it if you have exceeded...). Same applies with drugs on your body.

    I cannot speak from personal experience, since the only times I have tried to smoke some weed - and it was just because I was with some mates who were doing it and I just wanted to know what it was like - the first half-breath I took of it it was like swallowing old coffee funds from a coffee machine... rather disgusting. Maybe that's also because I don't smoke and it really annoys me to be nearby someone who does. For all the rest of the drugs... there are enough examples in the newspapers about their effects, so I don't think I'll ever feel the need to try them personally. The bad thing is that the whole society is paying for the medical expenses to cure the ones who wasted themselves away because of drugs.

    Here we have a motto that, translated into English, says more or less "Lions at night, assholes in the morning", meaning that when you get high on drugs or alcohol, the day after you can't expect to be at your best. This is why some years ago I stopped drinking alcohol when I'm out with friends - but even some extra glass of wine can get this effect on me -, the day after I feel I'm like at 50% of my physical and mental performance, and that's an horrible sensation.

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    Why would you put something into your body that does not belong there? Why is it that so many people fall under the feeling that these things can make them feel better? Better about themselves, the problems they have, things that are happening. No... It's the mind, after so many uses of a drug your mind prepares for it. After so much comfort and calming force from something so wrong your mind wants it.

    For some, their mind tells them that after hearing that sound of a bottle cap coming of that beer bottle... Things will "feel" better...

    Others, it's the touch of that joint touching your lips that makes your mind say, "Oh good, something that will help me stay calm"

    But for those that fight the need for things such as this. They have other things that give them this relaxation, this high. Things that improve rather than hinder your body.

    Tieing those laces to your running shoes for a morning jog. For some, their brain gets ready for that relaxing feeling that will come from just running, running away from everything. But that prepares it to face what is left when you arrive back home.

    For some, instead of opening that beer bottle they open that bottle of water. Telling themselves to take a breather that having a sip of water will help relax you. Their brain prepares to be relaxed by that sip of water, even though the water does nothing but rehydrate you.

    What I'm trying to say is that it is peoples thoughts and feelings that get them that high. It is what you want that escape to be. My main point is, why would you let it be something that hurts your body?

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    I'm going to be blunt. Illegal drugs f*ck you up. That is my personal opinion. I absolutely believe that. Now, I have no personal experience with any illegal drug, so I am going off of what my parents have taught me and what I have read in the newspaper and seen on TV. As for cigarettes, I think they are the most disgusting thing out there. They cause cancer, you smell, your clothes smell, etc. Now, on to alcohol. In moderation, I have no problems with alcohol. Even though I technically am not supposed to, I have taken a few sips here and there of wine, beer, and a few different hard liquors.

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    The worst drugs on the planet are the drugs you can buy anyplace, like, tobacco and alcohol.

    They are more likely to get you addicted, than anything else, except the hard stuff like coke, crack, and herion.

    And the only reason you can get, alcohol and smokes because big bussiness is making money on it.

    I have been addicted to alcohol,and cigerettes, but no longer use either.

    just ask someone, and see how much fun there lives were growing up with a drunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Blake View Post
    No... It's the mind, after so many uses of a drug your mind prepares for it. After so much comfort and calming force from something so wrong your mind wants it.
    Actually it is the drugs, not your mind. The chemicals in them alter patterns in your body giving you feelings of being energized, "high", mellow etc. As for the addiction, yes part of it is mental but the body also becomes so use too the drug being in the system that it goes crazy when its taken away. Thats why drug addicts look like crap all the time. (apart from the fact that most can't even afford to live in a house.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kip View Post
    I'm going to be blunt. Illegal drugs f*ck you up. That is my personal opinion. I absolutely believe that. Now, I have no personal experience with any illegal drug, so I am going off of what my parents have taught me and what I have read in the newspaper and seen on TV.
    Yes drugs do screw you up, when not used properly or if they are "hard drugs". But the media does blow a lot of it way out of proportion.

    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    The worst drugs on the planet are the drugs you can buy anyplace, like, tobacco and alcohol.
    This I totally agree with. Alcohol is the worst drug for many reasons, it's easy to get in large amounts, it makes a lot of people really aggro, it destroys your organs, it damages the people around you (if your addicted) and it makes people do a lot of stupid things.

    Now to why drugs are bad. I have had personal experience with: Ecstasy, Cocaine and Speed. Speed gives you an unnatural feeling of energy with a slight high (depending on strength/how much you took) when it finishes you "crash" you feel tired (really tired if you've been out all night) but guess what? You cant sleep! Because the speed is still running through your system it can stop you from sleeping this causes you too be running on a very low level of function. (there are exceptions, I've met people who can shovel it down and be sleeping an hour later)

    Cocaine is actually a "natural drug" it comes from a plant. Although people can replicate it synthetically (though it tends to be pretty sketchy compared to plants). Too much use of Cocaine can cause a heart-attack. As in it will make your heart pretty much explode. If you smoke it (also called crack) it is around a 10 times stronger effect making it not only screw you up badly but making it a lot easier to become addicted. The vapor also stays on the lining of your lungs causing breathing problems etc.

    Ecstasy is a "hit and miss" drug, because you never really know what you are buying. People mix just about anything in them, from horse tranquilizers to rat poison. I had a bad night on Ecstasy a while back (though coupled with some Speed, the Ecstasy + the environment was the culprit) where I ended up what I can only describe as "drowning" myself. The Ecstasy along with the environment (club I was in) caused me too feel quite hot and I was drinking water. I drank so much water (I'd say around 10-12 bottles of water one after another) that my body had so much water in it I could of started to shutdown. Lucky our body has the vomit reflex, so I ended up vomiting up the majority of my stomach contents and a friend was able to get me too the car to cool down. The scary thing is because I felt so warm I didn't really/pay attention to how much I was drinking until after I threw up.

    Hard drugs: Acid, Heroin, GHB, Ice. ALL chemically alter your body from the instant you take it. (where as soft core drugs require regular/excessive use) This makes them highly addictive and most cause people to "wig out" (blackouts where you don't remember anything but do really dangerous stupid shit) For example a guy stood in front of a moving bus because he believed he had super human strength and could stop it (he was on ice) needless to say he didn't stop the bus.

    Drugs are extremely dangerous and I suggest people don't take or try them at all. I say this even though I do use them (yes I'm a hypocrite) and I only do so in a "safe" environment every few months.

    P.S Sorry for the essay post and please don't neg rep for the fact that I have/do use drugs.

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    Drug use is bad, but maybe we should be spending our money on educating the public on the ill-affects of drug-use and healing the addicted instead of prohibition? If we did this than crime would drop considerably because people would no longer need to steal to feed their addiction, poverty would go down, and all that jazz. We need to be looking at alternatives to prohibition right now.

    A thought. There was a designated safe injection site in Vancouver, Canada. This was a government-run site heroin addicts could go to use free clean needles. It was an experiment modeled after a similar site in Europe, and I don't think it's running anymore. But the idea was that the mass use of clean needles would prevent the spread of AIDS. This is an example of how legalisation could benefit soiety rather than harm it.

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