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Thread: New Baby needing advise

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    Default New Baby needing advise

    I have been very fascinated on this subject for yeras, but not really came out of "The Closet" yet !

    I practice this on my own sometimes, wrap a towel around me for a 'diaper', feels so nice and close, makes me feel safe and secure.

    Not really been loved as a child due to lack of attention from my mother, my father got very jealous when I got close to my mum.

    This feeling has really messed up my life, keep looking for answers and just came across this site, drawn here for a reason !

    Love to talk with you wonderful 'Babes' out there, and hopfully you can give me advice on my development on this, I'm very keen and eager to learn


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    Hi Keith welcome to ADISC,

    Yes, you have come to the right place, here you'll find the support of other people who feel the same way as you do. However I'd like to remind you that this is not a dating site; I see where you said "Love to talk with you wonderful 'Babes' out there", it seemed as though you were talking about dating, which isn't allowed. Although, if this was a misunderstanding, I am sorry.

    Anyway, do you have any hobbies or interests besides obvious AB/DL related which you would like to share.

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    Sorry the way I came acrosss on this, I'm not after a date, just the way I talk. I have many interest and hobbies, mainly; Self-Sufficiency, Railways, and other stuff !, I'm a Inventor and 'Futurist', have many projects on the go, too many to mention here. My profession is a 'Water Treatment Technician', been doing that over 26yrs.
    Love to here what you do, I love listening and learning
    Kind Regards
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    Hey Keith, welcome to ADISC,

    So you're an inventor... dare I ask, have you invented anything yet =p?

    On a side note, you may want to avoid posting your email publicly as it could well get indexed by Google and such, unless ofcourse it's an email you only use for abdl related things.

    (I think the interests in diapers section on your profile is supposed to reflect which of those apply to you so unless you're AB, TB, DL, DF, Sissy, IC and a Caretaker you may want to uncheck a few boxes =p)

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    Many Thanks for your kind advice
    I'm studying; "Downdraft Gasification" at present, plus "HHO" generation, I can send you a few links on this if your interested through my email addy.

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    If you are looking to ever patent your ideas, make sure you don't disclose anything currently in design - even a hint towards the content means you run the risk of having to name more people on the patent.

    That said, any previous inventions? And I'd prefer you post here rather than email - I don't like giving it out sorry.

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