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Thread: MMORPGS: When you want to mine and craft

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    Default MMORPGS: When you want to mine and craft

    So i've been looking at mmos forever and one thing that has driven me to my wits end.

    why is it EVERY game out there, free, little indie games i mean, practically forces you spend hours in a tutorial learning how to dig up ores, use tools, make weapons, and the like. gathering food to make more food, collecting various things left by monsters to do other crap with.

    potion making is one thing, but come on.

    Games should be about fighting monsters. Skills should be magic and speed, not harvesting and crafting.

    so why is it EVERY game out there has these functions that are practically required or else you don't survive in the game world?

    does anybody actually like this stuff? Who enjoys digging up face things to make more fake things out of? I for one like buying fake things that are already and using them to smash other fake things' teeth out.

    the bizaare thing is this sounds like something that requires a lot of programming. mmos have to have a basic combat system, so why not expand on that instead of adding all this lame junk to it?

    honestly its disturbing that programmers and designers out there have the talent and resources to make playable mmos and instead of creating epic fantasy worlds they make fun easy bake oven simulators.

    i've dabbled in indie game design but coding is beyond me. if i had the abbility to make something half as good as any of the games out there, i wouldn't fill them with tools and raw materials.

    i'd keep things simple. make your character, hub town(s) and a portal that leads directly to dungeons. that's it. thats what people want. at least what i want.

    so does anybody actually enjoy crap like that?
    anybody know why its featured in every game?
    what would be your perfect mmo?

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    I loved crafting in the last MMO. I had my main character for fighting (who also did some crafting on theside) but my secondary character was all about crafting. I even took up telemarketing to help move some slower item (I would only message players who were out in the field, and offer to deliver X item that I made that they'd of likely ran out of. I made the trip at my own expense, and only messaged someone once a day)

    While I think every MMO should have something like that, I don't think every player should be made to go into it. What good is it to be a Blacksmith when 1/5 other players are also.

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    Because if games didn't have a element of brain logic or time consuming tasks, then it would be pure action. Pure action just does not work in video games. It's why Half-Life series has puzzles, it gives players a break from the action.

    Anyways if no free games fit your style and you want something more, then you'll just have to pony up and pay for games.

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    I'm sorely tempted to use common sense here and say that regardless if its free or not; "If you dont like it, dont play it!"
    Also, protip: Minecraft is not free unless you pirated it

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    In the end, gamers all have different preferences. Games need to be diverse -- if they weren't, and if they all just focused on one type of action (killing monsters, as you say), then games wouldn't be a budding expressive format. We have to remember that games have developed through the years to be something more than a mere vehicle of amusement. They can make a point, share a story, illustrate an idea, or make some very large statements. The impact of those statements is, of course, a matter of player interpretation.

    In his book Unit Operations Ian Bogost talks about how there are two factors in gaming, fun and fun`, in which the definition of the word is slightly tweaked. Fun are games that function specifically to entertain or amuse us; games that have a point, a message, seek to expose us to some simulated experience or expose us to a vicarious representation of something informative (but not necessarily enjoyable or even fun) is fun`. I'm not saying that MMORPGs really bring anything to the expressive table, but they're a different form of game that allows us to have greater control over a miniature life where the economics, heroics, and developments are satisfying, controllable, and cathartic.

    TL;DR -- Play what you want; don't play what you don't like.

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    Having grinding like crafting and leveling up means that the designers don't need to make as much content yet still force people to play.

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    In the end people play video games as a distraction. Purposely enforcing subtle, incremental, cumulative timewasters in a game guarantees that more people will pay their monthly subscription to reach their goals.

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    As for the perfect mmo question, i'm not too difficult, I like a good crafting system, especially with a ton of options. I hate getting a targeting system and not being able to add it to an existing weapon, or take a mismash of parts to try to create some random weird weapon/armor/w.e. It may be worthless store fodder, but it would still be nice to have the option.

    The other 2 big things are lore and leveling. The game needs to have a good story that I'll actually give a crap about. If you don't get things like "good" v. "Evil" struggles, then it really isn't any fun (personally I use quotes as I love when the preconceived good side isn't as good as they seem, and same with the evil side). A neutral side is a plus too, it allows for some great options (for-hire assassin as an example).

    With leveling, if you put in a Anarchy Online leveling system, that is all I want. I love the put points where you want, with different skills easier to "learn/level" for certain classes and certain races, and other being much harder with some to the point of being so hard its pointless to mess with them. Done right, you can have more then just cookie cutter classes running around all the damn time. I.E. a rogue who is well trained in stealthing and assassinations, while another is a sly thieving type that uses charm and wits to beat people, etc.

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    Terraria was a cool game, but it ran out of stuff to do after getting all the best of materials. I like that kind of game because you can make huge mines and not worry about cave-ins, and dying in general!

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