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Thread: "Wanting Incontinence"- A moan.

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    Red face "Wanting Incontinence"- A moan.

    One trend I've noticed on this forum in recent months is the number of people who "want to become incontinent".

    Be a realist about it.
    I've been IC for a massive proportion of my life, it has flared up severely over the past year due to stress and an accident. But imagine it.....waking up in the morning, every morning with a unpleasant smell and damp feeling seeping from underneath your duvet. Imagine being out queuing for a coffee in Starbucks with your girlfriend and suddenly losing bowel control. Imagine not being able to go swimming without the fear of being seen wearing a diaper or making an embarassment of yourself. Imagine having no choice but to carry around a supply of diapers, everywhere you go. Imagine all of the inconvinience, stress and mess that you'd have to deal with each day, every day for a number of years if not the remainder of your life?

    Now weigh this up against the occasional convinience and security you may get from wearing diaper for incontinence. Perception and novelty are very funny things.

    Theres absolutely no contest, why would you want to purposely want to oppress your life when you're perfectly fit and healthy? Appreciate what you have, the grass isnt always greener on the other side....believe me!

    Sorry for the rant, just felt like clearing the air!

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    I may love using diapers, but I have absolutely no plans on becoming Incontinent. For me, there are just too many cons stacked against the pros. Despite the difficulties the condition presents, people still want to be Incontinent regardless, and more power to them. But everything has to be taken into consideration before making the decision, because it’s not something that can be turned on and off.

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    Although I do understand why some people might want it, I agree with the op that it definitely isn't a good idea for any circumstances. Doing so is causing bodily harm, and why would you want to hurt yourself? Besides, as the wearing becomes a necessity rather then a choice, I'm sure that the fun will be lost.

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    I'd have to say that people have their own rights to their body, and if they want incontinence, even though it wouldn't be nothing more than a shrinking bladder and more frequent, urgent voids. I say if people want it or want to experience it, they should try using foley catheters safely of course. Also most people probably only want urinary incontinence.

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    I compare a continent person wanting to become incontinent, to an able-bodied person wanting to become paralyzed. I have a good friend who cannot walk and must use a motorized wheelchair. He was out running errands one day when a young, athletic man *jogged* past him and, referring to the chair, said, "Oh, man, I could use one of those things." He wanted the perceived "convenience" of riding instead of walking. Meanwhile, the man in the chair *wished* he could get up out of it and walk where he needed to go.

    To those who want to be incontinent, I say leave it a fantasy. Just wear your diapers and use them pretending you are incontinent. For your own enjoyment, that is. Don't lie to people.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The most annoying thing about incontinence is trying to cram enough diapers in a suitcase when I go on vacation.

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    Bring spare clothes and diapers where ever you go is not fun. Finding a place
    to change can be a real problem if your out with friends.

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    i think most people want urinary incontinence, as having the other one would cause a lot more issues in life. i wear diapers almost 24/7 and i still like having the choice when and where to use them. im not trying to become incontinent but i notice that the longer u wear the more u become used to having them on. the other nite was one of those few nights where i went to bed without a diaper and early in the moring i was woken up when i noticed was wetting the bed, i was half asleep when i was doing it and probably thought i was diapered, then when i was full awake i realized i wasnt and luckily was able to stop. this was the first time its happened to me in a while. if i do end up needing diapers in the future then its ok but im not gonna try to make myself need them, ill just enjoy the freedom and happyness they allow me now for what it is.

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    I'm of two minds about the issue, as with many issues.

    If you think you want to become incontinent, you should be really careful, because you may not like it as much as you think. Try living as if you were truly incontinent for a while and see. That means bringing changes of diapers and clothes everywhere you go, not using the bathroom (or only using it for #2 if you're only interested in urinary incontinence), and "letting go" whenever you feel the slightest urge, no matter where you are. You won't do yourself any harm, and you'll find out what it's like, at least to some extent. But you may find out that it's not something you'd really want.

    On the other hand, there are people who would really want it, and they're not crazy. It may be difficult to understand for people who had incontinence forced upon them, but it's true. It's not the same thing as wanting to be in a wheelchair or wanting to have a broken leg. If it's something they really want, and they're willing to accept the consequences, what's the problem?

    But if they do go that way, I hope they do it in some way that is reversible if they change their minds someday, such as by retraining or, if it works for you, hypnosis.

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