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    Hi everyone, I'm tkuk, 19 years old from the lovely UK.

    I've been interested in nappies for about 7 years now, won't go into too much detail but basically put on a drynite when I was 12 and I've been hooked ever since.

    My main interest is football, which I probably take too seriously. I also love my guitar, I can play on it for hours if I get the chance too. Passed my driving test a year ago and love exploring new places, just wish petrol prices weren't so high! I've also just finished at my college, completing a Travel and Tourism course.

    I live near the coast so I'm always down the beach when the suns out (which is rarely).

    Here to talk to people no matter how old or young you are, which on this forum should hopefully not be to much of an issue, and hopefully get to know some of you as time goes on.

    Looking forward to getting myself involved in the ADISC community.

    Thanks for reading.


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    Welcome to ADISC! You must be very talented to be able to play the guitar for hours, I know I'd never be able to do that even if I learned to play . Anyway I hope you enjoy it here!

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    Thanks for the welcome Astrowolf, I'm not a brilliant player, but I'm always willing to learn and improve where I can. I've been playing since I was 11 and like to write my own pieces when I get the time.

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    Welcome to the site! Great introduction - I hope you make lots of friends on here! Plus, awesome to find another UK baby!

    So... what car do you have? Best place you've explored?

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    Thanks eeyore, I have a Toyota Yaris CDX, small car but has good mpg so I don't have to fill up too often

    As for best place explored, I recall myself getting lost in Devon a few months ago, I go down there a lot but left my satnav at home, went passed some nice local villages and towns, before I finally got to where I needed to be!

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    I've only heard good things about the Yaris - though I presume it's not very exciting to drive? Still, good mpg is probably worth it really!

    Devon is lovely, but the lack of major roads is a little bit of worry - I'm not sure I'd manage without at least a map if I drove down there!!!

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    It's not let me down.....yet, but the one thing I would like to change is to have a manual gearbox, my mum drives it too and she prefers autos to manuals, I can't complain much as she puts the petrol in as she uses it to get to week 5 times a week.

    I love Devon, I have relatives down there but there's something about the area that I love. Thankfully I only need to go to Torbay, which isn't too difficult to navigate......but it is if you get lost which I discovered a while back. Went passed the junction I needed and didn't realise til about a half hour later. By then I was nearing Cornwall!!! Now I always have a sat-nav just in case!!

    Anyway, I'll bounce the question to you, what car do you have?

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    I am currently without a vehicle - as a student living away from home, I have little money... and actually no need for a car at the moment!

    Last year I had a year out from uni working in business - I had a metallic green 1.4 astra. Loved it to pieces, was pretty nippy when it wanted to be too! Downed petrol though, so not too ideal for the current petrol cost! It was a manual, I like the convenience of an auto but I like the control you get with a manual, just feels more enjoyable dropping a gear to overtake!

    I spent the first 12 family holidays in Devon and Cornwall; once I have a car I'll be having the odd weekend away there again! But I will always have a sat-nav; just not worth getting lost/trying a map on my own - especially for long journeys!

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    Just think of the money you're saving, no petrol costs, no high insurance to pay etc. I've got nothing wrong with an auto, but it lacks power when I really need it, especially when I'm trying to overtake.

    I always have a blast when I'm with my family in Devon, we would always stay for a week and just explore the region. I'm going down there again this weekend, can't wait!!

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