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Thread: Making diaper tapes for the photoshop professional

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    Default Making diaper tapes for the photoshop professional

    I don't believe we've had a discussion on the methods of using Photoshop for completely digital/no-hand-drawing-allowed designs for diaper tapes. I can't draw worth a damn but I know Photoshop like the back of my hand. Essentially what I want is for some kind of collaboration between Photoshop professionals and those who know Photoshop well. Stuff from the right DPI and size of the document, who will do printing for a roll of tape, methods of producing a good effect of something, etc.

    So what I've done in the past is grabbed a picture of a diaper (tape was ruined by the fabric over it), used the quick select tool in PS to make a selection around a star or the moon or something then used make work path to convert it to a vector drawing so I could bump up the quality after I went over everything initially.

    Making your basic diaper tapes is super easy but that's not the goal of this. I want to do everything custom and I want to only use inspiration, not print out someone else's design and grab some packing tape. I know Photoshop well, but there's always a new way to do things and a better way sometimes, so I thought this would be a good way for people with similar interests to come together with their knowledge.

    Please no questions about how to use Photoshop, get Photoshop, etc.

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    Good idea with the vector tracing - definitely a good idea! I'd assume 300 dpi needed, but I don't know how you'd print to a diaper tape tbh - I assume a simple label sheet isn't adhesive enough - so I assume the tape would need a higher dpi to print well?

    Would you consider using a template shape? I'm sure there are moon/star and baby template sets out there - or do you want to do it all from scratch? I'm afraid I'm not great with the pen tool...

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    No, drawing it using selections and then using the make work path (use a higher tolerance so the lines will be smooth and rounded) would be a better idea. I suppose modifying the shape wouldn't be bad. I never use premade brushes/shapes, I just go on Google images and get inspiration then make my own based on it. It's the idea of the art is 100% my creation. I dunno, I'm inefficient by reinventing the wheel. I should look into it, though. I think it'd be interesting to see what we can come up with collectively.

    300 DPI/CMYK is what I use when I send my stuff to the printing company I use for my clients.

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    300 dpi is should be enough, but then if you are working with vectors it wont be an issue since you can change the dpi's for the document without loosing any quality.
    The vectors will only be rasterized when you want or make the final output files.
    Be careful with using work paths from selections as they tend to have unnecessary points and sometimes with inverted control points that generate bad vectors.
    Usually i find it alot simpler to just create the paths over the original picture ... this way you get a nice and clean vector.
    As for the document size. it depends on the machine that will print the tape. For this type of print job i think the machine will use a rotating die, only the owner of the machine will be able to tell you the correct measures for the dies.
    Keep in mind that the pattern you create should be "endless", just a tip use the offset plugin to check the created pattern and confirm that there are no unequal edges.
    Now are you going to manufacture real tape rolls or this is just a hobby project ?
    I hope i gave you some help

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    Man, I wish I learned how to use photoshop legitly, rather than just messing around on it. I'm very skilled with video editing and audio editing, but I lack in graphic arts/ after effects...

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    hmm how do you edit without using photoshop (or similar) to create graphics for your movies ?
    I also see that you are still young ... dont worry lots of time to learn about photoshop and afterfx.... just go on creativecow and follow some tutorials ... you will be working in afx in a blink of an eye
    btw what are you using for editing video ?

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