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Thread: Diaper supply stores in Victoria, BC

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    Default Diaper supply stores in Victoria, BC

    Hey folks,

    Hoping anyone on here is either from Victoria, British Columbia or is familiar with the local diaper scene. I will be there in a few weeks for work and am looking to buy while there, preferably cloth and plastic pants.

    Any ideas?



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    Hi there JDCH

    There are a couple of home medical stores which sell adult diapers. The brands that are most prevalent here are Depends Max, Tena, ATN, Tranquility slimline and some other brands. It is really dependant on what you are looking for.

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    I didn't end up having any luck, however I did find a woman on Turner, north of Bay Street, who does made to measure cloth diapers. Her company name is Daisy Fresh and I believe her name is Carol. Nice lady but don't make any afternoon plans if you go and see her. She's quite the talker!

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