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Thread: Will wetting while lying down cause me to regress into bedwetting?

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    Default Will wetting while lying down cause me to regress into bedwetting?

    Pretty self-explanatory title. My favorite diaper is goodnites (I'm exactly the size for them so they are absolutely perfect for me) and I always wear them to bed. But I've heard that if you wet yourself while you lying down multiple times when awake it will eventually cause you to begin to actually wet your bed. And I really don't want this to happen. So if I wet my goodnite in my bed while I'm lying down will I eventually have a real bedwetting accident?

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    I think it's very unlikely. I've been wetting in bed for several years now, though certainly not every night. Even so, I went to bed/sleep last night needing to go, but I didn't until after I woke up. I'm sure it depends on bladder muscles and other physical differences, but it's very difficult to undo years of potty training.

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    Okay. I was thinking about wearing (and on most nights wetting) a goodnite to bed every night when I'm at home for a while at least, but I still want to have nighttime control for when I am staying somewhere else.

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    Yeah, I don't think it's that easy. A lot of AB/DLs ask how to become bedwetters or how to become incontinent, but there's no real answer to that. If it was just that easy, then we probably wouldn't get so many questions on how to become a bedwetter.

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    It's really hard to lose night-time control. I've been wearing at night for several years now and always wake up when I need to pee. When not wearing I get up and trek to the bathroom. It's so much easier to wear and just let go...

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    I'm not sure where you heard that but it sounds made-up to me. Bedwetting is usually caused by having a bladder that isn't fully matured yet. Once you have progressed past the point of no longer wetting the bed, there is not too much you can do to go back (without a great deal of intentional effort at least).

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    I think some people maybe can lose control pf the bladder at night if you wear diaper at night and yous wet it right when you woke up. And not moving around.

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    Once you wet once, in any position, the magic diaperocity of the diaper will cause you to lose absolutely all control ever, and your mother will immediately begin changing and babying you and the hottest member of whichever sex you're attracted to will gravitate to your diapered situation, either teasing you, caring for you, or joining you based on the result of a three-sided coin's flip.

    Haven't you read ANY of the stories?

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    What can happen if you wear and wet a lot is that you become so used to wetting your diaper that you don't put as much thought into it anymore. Combine that with the sleepy state you're in when you wake up and you may not 'check' whether you're actually wearing a diaper or not.

    This happened to me after going 24/7 for a little over a week while my parents were on vacation. When my parents came back I stopped wearing diapers to bed. I ended up wetting myself two days in a row as I awoke in the morning as I was used to letting it go in the diaper once I woke up.

    It isn't really bedwetting in the strictest definition as you are still consiously wetting but the end result is the same.

    If you're worried about something similar happening then I suggest not wearing every night or atleast making sure you are fully consious when you wet.
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    No, your position doesn't deal with your control.

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