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Thread: Hi everyone !

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    Default Hi everyone !

    I'm reading this forum for a while now. I love the stories sections. Because it's one of the most active of the web. And babyjess is the best abdl stories author !

    I'm french and I can read English but it's difficult for me to write in English. So please pardon my mistakes.

    I just turned 28 years old. I can define me as a DL. I'm not into the AB things.
    I also was a bedwetter for most of my life. But fortunately it stops 3 years ago. You can't imagine how relived I was when it stops !!! I finaly didn't fear to wake up wet. My life is much easier now.
    I still wear diapers at night because they feel so conforting. But I don't wet them and I can sleep without them whenever I want. When I sleep outside or when I'm with a girl...

    In my life my true passion is aviation. If fly small planes as often as I can afford it. I fly Cessna's and my favorite is the Piper Cub... Is there other pilot's here ?

    Have a nice day, see you on this forum !

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    Hi there, re-welcome to the site!

    It's good that you have your DL nature balanced, you'll find a lot of us here wear because of the comfort! It's good that you don't have to worry about waking up wet either - although some members are probably envious that you used to wet the bed!

    I'd love to be a pilot, but I know that my colour-blindness stops me joining the RAF - I don't know if it's the same for a general pilot's licence though!


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