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    For our anniversary this year my wife wanted to do something really special so she booked a hotel for the weekend and got a sitter for the kids. She brought my camera and a bunch of diapers and said that she wanted me to have a picture of her in every different kind of diaper I own. I was floored, how cool is that. She said it's nothing but a weekend of diapers for the two of us. She doesn't normally wear in public but she even brought clothes that would allow her to wear discretely when we go out. This is the best present I could ever have asked for.
    The funny thing is that she said to me, "who would have thought that a weekend away from the kids would include so many diaper changes and we'd actually enjoy doing it too" She's the best thing I could ever have asked or.

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    Wow that is really awesome for you. =) Congratulations on your anniversary, by the way.

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    Sounds awesome, and a really lovely show of affection and commitment from your wife! Am I correct in assuming that you got her into ABDL?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    Sounds awesome, and a really lovely show of affection and commitment from your wife! Am I correct in assuming that you got her into ABDL?
    Yes and no. Although she never wore diapers before she met me I still wouldn't consider her to be into ABDL. She does wear diapers and she enjoys them too but only for me. I guess it's kinda like lingerie, it's not really comfortable but she enjoys wearing it because I like it so much & I find her sexy in them which makes her feel sexy.

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    Sounds like you're very lucky to have found her. Congrats on the Anniversary!

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    Happy Anniversary! And have fun, you two Your wife loves you a lot, I can tell

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    have a good anniversary and don't forget to backup the pics if they are digital, would really suck if you lost the camera or had a damaged mem card. also congrats on the occasion hope you have many more.

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    Happy anniversary, I'm sure you had a lot of fun during that weekend. Hope that this beautiful relation will last forever and ever.

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    That's very, very cool.

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    Bokeh, this is really great news. I remember a long time ago you posting about your wife's extremely negative attitude towards you being a DL and wearing. I'm really glad this all worked out for you; perhaps other ABDLs in relationships with diaper-negative partners can see this as proof that their partners won't necessarily always hate their diaper-wearing.

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