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Thread: name/species/occupation? that's good enough for introduction...not Aperture Introduction!

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    Default name/species/occupation? that's good enough for introduction...not Aperture Introduction!

    hi kids, Cave Johnson here...

    wait, that's not right.

    my name is Dante, and according to the imaginary animal person who lives in my head I am a North American river otter.

    I've been lurking around the Fox Tales Times forums for a few years now, doing whatever it is that babyfurs like myself tend to do. (argue with trolls, write slash fiction, sell shoddy bomb casings filled with used pinball machine parts to the Libyans?) and I've known of the ADISC forum for quite a few years, I'd never really gotten around to taking the time to formally sign up, but there's no time like the present, right?

    I'm told that the real meat of the introduction is all in the expanding on the interests in my life that don't revolve around that special aisle in the grocery store that we all cant seem to help stealing glances at.

    in short, I am a hopelessly fascinated person by the world. today it might be bugs (what little boy isn't interested by bugs?) or it might be playing with the focus point in a whispering gallery. I might be building a laser or trying to figure out how to beat Google to the punch with a universal translator. then again, today I might be a real life musketeer or dreaming about how much fun it would be to run a speakeasy. I could be found laying a few rounds out from a borrowed AR15 rifle or letting fly a proper grouping from my recurve bow.

    be it the theater, secret revolutions , dancing, mathematics, geology, physics, cartoons, woodworking, architecture, playing games, astronomy, or simply beating the snot out of some 5 year old at tag; I am hopelessly lost in the sea that is all the experience that the world offers to me.

    it occurs to me that I am being rather vague, and I'm awful terrible at thinking of questions to answer for you, so we'll open up the floor.

    ask me any question at all within reason and I'll do my best to answer to your satisfaction.

    we'll start with you, the tiny urchin in the front row with paw raised high. What do you want to know?

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    Interesting introduction - certainly wins the prize for the most inventive intro I've read!

    So my question to you is, how many of those things are imagined? Is it that you are interested in one day performing these tasks - or have you *literally* done all of them? By done, I mean a working prototype/proof of concept...

    It's nice to see an eccentric member on here, but my concern would be nonsensical advice/posts starting to occur if you are participating in the forums as this jack-of-all-trades fursona. I would quite like to get to know who Dante really is - if it transpires this introduction is intertwined with fantasy.

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    as you requested...

    facinated by bugs: spiders are great and all, and I'm content to leave them alone as long they want to leave me alone, and to tell the truth I'm a bit freaked out by most bugs, but that doesn't mean that they are endlessly interesting little critters (did you know that the trapdoor spider actually makes a silk hinge on the lid of it's lair complete with a system of trip wires?)

    playing with the focus point in a whispering gallery: any basic science museum has this, and I've goofed around in them, whispering secret nothings to others.

    I might be building a laser: to be more accurate, I've helped build a few laser apertures, spent plenty of time cutting the proper wiring and screwing together some of the assemblies needed. Some day I'll have my design skills up to the point where I can do it all by myself, but that's not today.

    beating Google to the punch: nope, no program written at the moment, I'm still struggling to learn objective C or java to do some minor app development, (i've got minions working on it.) and that means no IP or patent, provisional or otherwise, has been filed. Google has been working very hard on this audio system that they've been developing which is supposed to be the child of their other translation engines. (doesn't mean that I don't have the original rough outline in my notes)

    real life musketeer: last I checked, been ten years or so for me. I can fight with just about anything, foil, epee, saber, rapier, and the odd bouquet of flowers.

    speakeasy: seriously, who wouldn't want to own the bar from lackadaisy cats? that may be a fantasy, but you have to admit it's a pretty good one. (also, I look good in pinstripes and a fedora)

    AR 15: I can shoot, I don't own a gun, but there's alot laying around here. I'm supposed to be a pretty good shot, I'm even better with my bow.

    Theater: I like the theater, both traditional and and the new-fangled moving picture type. I'm equally comfortable at a showing of thoroughly modern millie, Lawrence of Arabia, or the new green lantern movie. (I wanted to go see wicked for my last birthday, but it didn't work out.)

    I'm sorry to report that I've never been involved in a secret plot to overthrow anything...yet.

    I'm a halfway decent guy with a tablesaw, but there's better people out there that can do more awesome things than me, so I go over to their house whenever I get the itch.

    it's true that I'm interested in the maths and physics, but who isn't? also, I had a rock collection, but it's not around anymore (it'd be great to go spelunking) Astronomy falls under this same catagory, I'm no swift fox, but it's still cool to look at a nebula and think about how it's light-years tall.)

    I do like architecture very much, it's a fun thing to explore (I remember laughing at the representation of the devil tempting eve on one of the archways of Notre Dame...)

    unfortunately, I don't have a proof of concept or prototype for me liking cartoons, maybe someday... *wink*

    I do have a good collection of unusual and fun to play board games, not many people to play with though.

    and, I've beaten a 5 year old at tag, it's true. (He even cried because he didn't win)

    all better kiddo?

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    Touché good sir. Touché.

    *bows out of the conversation gracefully*

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    oh no you don't...Quoth the scorpion "Get over here!"

    I demand an all is forgiven snuggle and you must tell me about yourself, which is only fair.

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    Wow, your introduction is simply splendid :P. In all seriousness though, I really did enjoy reading your intro post and I kinda wish you had posted it sooner (the word urchin always brings a little smile to my muzzle) as it really livened up my not so interesting day out here (small towns, what can you do with em lol). How can anyone not be interested in bugs? I'm a boy through and through myself, frogs snails and puppy dog tails fit's my bill pretty well.

    So how long have you been apart of babyfur culture, I know you covered it lightly, but I'm just curious. What inspired the little otter pup in you, to break out form the average joe on the outside?

    Anyway It's always a great thing to have another set of helping paws around here (even if they are covered in mud half the time *grins innocently*) Welcome to ADISC (insert generic rambling here). I hope you enjoy yourself, and I hope to see more of your posts in the future. ~Stunner

    P.S. feel free to ask any questions you may have for this husky in the above thread as well (I'll probably be checking on it, on and off with each new reply posted (I really enjoy your way with words, your personality shines through and that's something that ya don't see too much on the interwebs).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanteOtter View Post
    oh no you don't...Quoth the scorpion "Get over here!"

    I demand an all is forgiven snuggle and you must tell me about yourself, which is only fair.
    All is forgiven! *snuggle*

    What do you want to know about me?

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    it's a pleasure to meet you Stunner, glad I could help perk up your day. ooh, I see that you live somewhere in the bluegrass jungle! Do you know how to play the spoons? I hear Memphis is what Las Vegas would be like if Ned Flanders were in charge, what do you think?

    so, you want to know how long I've been part of the babyfur culture, huh? it's tempting to brush off the question with something along the lines of "since I was born" but that's not very accurate. Truth is, I don't really know how long I've been around, my ability to create memories is tenuous at best and the earliest that I can really remember that well is my 21st birthday. I know I was lurking about on the nursery tails site, and I was one of the first people to submit stories at FTT, so that should give you some point of reference for a timeline. There's no real rhyme or reason to being an otter, or even a little otter to me, and there's really no secret little otter pup on the inside that's breaking out from the average joe outside.

    to quote Val Kilmer "I'm both Bruce Wayne and Batman, not because I have to be, but now because I choose to be."

    *fuzzles your head* you're a cute kid, now go play with some mud.

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    well, you're from England. Do you have earl grey tea every single day with biscuts? How exactly does an English gentleman go about being manly while engaging in a tea party?

    also, who's better: Sherlock Holmes or James Moriarty?

    to a lesser extent, do you go to school? what do you want to be when you grow up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanteOtter View Post

    well, you're from England. Do you have earl grey tea every single day with biscuts? How exactly does an English gentleman go about being manly while engaging in a tea party?

    also, who's better: Sherlock Holmes or James Moriarty?

    to a lesser extent, do you go to school? what do you want to be when you grow up?
    I drink many types of tea - including earl grey with lemon and honey when I can. While engaging in a party of tea, the manly thing to do is to insert a monacle, raise the teacup from its saucer counterpart, sip the tea ever so slowly, then place the cup back onto its respective saucer. After which, comment openly about the state of the economy and the lack of discipline from youths these days. Then, disclaim an adverse opinion of the weather, and leave in a hurry.

    Sherlock Holmes had the public opinion on his side, Moriarty had the advantage of being an evil genius. I say Moriarty was better.

    I am at University, reading Computer Science. Graduate this year. I want to be the leader of a superhero comedy troupe when I grow up. Failing that, a computer programmer.


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    when engaging in this party of tea, is there a preference for manly chapeaus? (homburg, bowler, top hat) and to a more pointed question, is there a secret hierarchy in England in which one expresses his social stature via cranial decoration? If two men were to meet at a corner, one wearing the aforementioned homburg and the other the top hat, who should yield the right of way?

    Moriarty is an excellent choice, I vote evil genius every chance I get.

    also, I should have guessed that you study computer science, the way that you grilled me about my translator notes was a dead giveaway.

    if you could combine any superhero and stand up comedian, who would it be? (I would combine George Carlin and Iron Man to form...Iron Carlin! because of his lack of tolerance for stupidity in conjunction with a set of repulsor cannons would mean quite possibly the best CNN broadcast ever.)

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