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    Hello, my name Is Pandora. I am an AB, and have been for most of my life. I came here because I wanted a place I could safely and anonymously discuss my love of AB lifestyle, specifically stuffed animals.

    Beyond diapers, I love Gaming, and that's about it.

    I know I didn't write much, but my life is essentially about AB and video games.

    One final note, I don't currently have home internet, but I will participate as often as possible by using my iPod on the library's WiFi.
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    Don't know when you'll see this then, but welcome to the site. What games to you enjoy playing. I used to play a lot, but now I write instead.

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    Diapers and videogaming go hand in hand, don't they; just wear a decent dressing gown, pay attention to its belt, and have the pizza money all ready ahead of time!

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    dogboy: Mainly RPGs and music games, with the occasional FPS for a change.

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    Hi, welcome to the site!

    Hopefully your libary WI-FI isn't tied to an account in your name - otherwise it might not be anonymous!

    Anyway, panic over - what sort of music games do you play?

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    It's not, they just plugged a linksys router into the library computer's Internet, so even if someone were to track it, they couldn't even tell what computer it was accessed on.

    As for why music games I play, it's always Rockband and the occasional Guitar Hero. I was thiking of getting the pro guitar for Rockband 3.

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    Awesome! Sounds like a perfect way to access it then! That said, unless your iPod is spoofing it's network address, they can figure out with software that your iPod is looking at a page... but as it's a library, I'm sure you're safe!

    I love Rockband, I'm no good at drums or singing, but quite enjoy the guitar!

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    I play all five instruments in Rockband, including the keyboard (even a few songs on pro keys), and vocals.

    And in case anyone was wondering, my username comes from the name of one of my stuffed animals, a panda named Pandora.
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    There's a keyboard???? Wow, I'm behind the times with it all!

    Pandora is an intriguing name for a panda - only as I just instantly associate the name with Pandora's box! Unless your panda has a box containing evil that is...

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