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    ADISC intro

    Hi, to everyone. Obviously I am new here and I will try to make this an informative introduction. I do have dislikes to much of what happens here though I want to express even though much of this is not my scene I am in no way judging anybody or comparing their bushel to mine. As I have my likes and dislikes, so do others. Because I have a dislike to a particular area, does not mean I have a dislike to the person who is interested in it.

    It takes many to make up the world and if there were no differences there could be know debates or learning or developing attributes such as tolerance and understanding. In saying that I will introduce myself.

    I live on the West Coast of Australia. I am 50 year old male. I have degenerative spinal problems in my lumbar, thoracic, and neck. As well as fractures I have disc problems.
    In my neck at C2, C3, C4 o both sides where the blood vessels and nerves enter the vertebrae they are under pressure due to calcification of the formarina I think it is called.
    It is very painful and has made me make significant adjustments to my life and the way I live it. Most importantly I no longer work.

    I did take up some fun hobbies. I have a special style of fishing I do where you spend a whole morning or most of a day fishing without catching anything. I find what peace there is in silence. I am no longer disappointed when I do not catch anything. Just the opportunity to go, and be in the fresh air and peace and quiet is a bounty in itself.

    I love watching speedway. I used to participate many years ago. My favourites are the solo bikes and sidecars, then the sprint cars and super sedans and speed cars.

    I love bushwalking and do most days in the morning for exercise and to burn off negative energy. The kind of energy that effects the way you think and feel about people. The rubbish thoughts that invade your mind. During the aerobic stages of walking I do my “crap” thinking here. By time I finish the walk and my heart rate goes back to normal so do my thoughts. This is why I hate golf. I hit the ball then want to gallop after it to hit it again. No, my walking is spent in other ways.

    I read a lot. I watch little tv. I read historical both in fiction and non fiction. Biographies.
    I love history, I have no special favourite period though some of the Rennaisance philophers are interesting. The first serious non fiction book I purchased when I left school was The Prince, by Machiavelli. I like scifi / fantasy. I like whodunits, basically I read most genres.

    The same applies to music my three distates in music are rap, opera and country and western.

    I enjoy photography and often go on long walks and drives with my camera.

    I studied at university for 6 years but never sat my final exams. This period covers both full time and part time study. I was 2 years into one course then pulled out and started a double major in another. I have worked in construction and mining.

    I have religious beliefs which I practice as I can. I believe all religions were and are divinely inspired. I respect others beliefs and enjoy when I can going to places where people worship. No matter what the religion, the act of worship in itself is inspiring and brings me peace.

    In regards to the wetting aspects I have saved this for last. I figured if anyone reads through all of this without losing interest would be more the persons I would like to communicate with.

    I wet my bed on some occaisions. I have some nocturnal disturbances and temporal lobe issues. However my pillow seems to be more in need of protection than my mattress. I dribble from the mouth and have ruined many pillows. I am still trying to find a decent pillow protector.

    I have experimented in the past with nappies though I have not in a long time. Though I like it I guess I am too controlled. Too conditioned to societies norms. I am not into defecation, bowel movements etc. I am not into body functions in a sexual context at all. I recently had a colonoscopy under twilight sedation and after that finished when I started passing gas I found that quite humorous though I think the drugs had much to do with that.

    I am strictly hetro, though I do not care if someone is gay or bi. I do not see sexual preferences as being a lifestyle or needing to dominate a lifestyle. I also admit to a degree of homophobia though I try not to let this become an intolerance or prejudice.

    As a youngster and in my teens I was interested in crossdressing. It was something I never pursued into adulthood. I have often thought about though. Again, I guess conforming to what society dictates as normal was a influence here. I was never into makeup or that side of things. For me it was the clothing.

    Finally, I have a clean police record. I have a police certificate for employment purposes and want to keep it that way.

    I have looked around the internet a lot and many group and websites most disgusted me. To me they seemed to be havens for pedo’s or people of dubious intention to others.

    I am not into drugs. I do not drink. I have no interest in children, which is why I do not want anyone under 18 contacting me.

    I would at some time like to make contact with a lady but I guess that is may a persons wish too. I could get into wearing nappies I guess. The same for the cross dressing aspects. However, society can be hard in it’s views and we can give ourselves a hard time of it with our restraint and abstinence.


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    Hi there LaurieC, thanks for such a detailed introduction! I found it a very interesting read! Certainly the section on passing gas was humours. There were certain parts I wasn't really too sure were necessary to the introduction, but credit to you for sharing it.

    That said, I do question your reasons for joining the site... as you rightly noticed, there is a lot of content you may find questionable against your beliefs. I also am not entirely sure what we will be able to bring you... could you clarify what you are hoping to get from joining our community?

    Quote Originally Posted by LaurieC View Post
    I have no interest in children, which is why I do not want anyone under 18 contacting me.
    There are many minors that are members on this site that frequently contribute to posts. I'm afraid you will not be able to avoid that form of contact... In addition, unless you make your opinions clear on every post and your profile, there is a chance you may be PMed by a minor that is unaware of your preference.

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    Hi eeyore, I did not expect a reply so quickly. Thanks for your time and I will try to clarify what I meant in response to no contact with under 18's. I meant that I do not want those under 18 emailing me or sending private messages. They are free to respond to something I write in a public manner such as you did.

    The reasons I am here is I mentioned two things I experimented with and I guess I never had the opportunities to explore them or the ability to overcome feeling of inadequacy and shame related to those activities, re crossdressing and experimenting with nappies. The bedwetting, is not deliberate, but also not all that frequent. I think there is much I need to learn about myself, and I will not learn it in isolation. Are I a DL ? I think I may be. Do I want to be, in the past I always thought no. The same with cross dressing. However, it was the underwear and sleepwear. I have read that often these two interests overlap. I will not get answers or opinions at my local library, at the dinner table or by asking mates. Nor from the person sitting next to on the train. I just a vivd mental image of that. So I decided this was probably the most appropriate place. It is much nicer than some of the ones I came across.

    Also too though is the companionship of being able to relate to or share something in common with others. We all have a sense of needing to belong, but where d I belong? My future direction in life, I would like it to be inhibition
    free. I would like to be able to share in RL some of the things I have never shared with anyone. I guess this is what contributes to lonliness too. I hope this makes sense. Thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaurieC View Post
    Hi eeyore, I did not expect a reply so quickly. Thanks for your time and I will try to clarify what I meant in response to no contact with under 18's. I meant that I do not want those under 18 emailing me or sending private messages. They are free to respond to something I write in a public manner such as you did.
    Again, unfortunately this is out of your control - may I recommend you mention it in your "About Me" section of your profile, just in case a member reads it before PMing you. That said, I guess if you do not openly invite any PM, it is unlikely a member will choose to PM you.

    Thank you for clarifying your reasons for being here - I certainly now feel a lot more comfortable in your purpose. There are a large amount of topics discussing acceptance and reasoning - I hope they will give you the answers you are looking for. In addition, if/when you are able to accept this side of you, there are topics regarding the best diapers to choose for whatever purpose you wish to use them.

    You are correct, compared to a lot of other sites - that are primarily fetish based - we are a very welcoming community, and I hope we will accommodate you well enough to satisfy your learning aims! Please remember that we are a support site, so the majority of the posts will be requesting advice. That said, we also have a selection of off topic forums too!

    I hope you also find the help here to allow you to share your life with someone - we make no promises, but we offer unconditional help!

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    Hey LaurieC,

    Just like to say hello and welcome to the site! Your introduction is indepth and spells your intentions clearly which is good, however there is one peice of advice i'd like to offer you as you being to get involved within the site.

    You stated that certain things disgust you and if you find some of those things on this site, please do not say so. Ofcourse you are entitled to your opinion and I respect that entirely, but if someone says something, about something they enjoy, such as defecating in nappies, please do not comment with a post such as 'this is disgusting' as, like you, most of us come here to try and find acceptance.

    You may not agree with what they are doing, but please don't humiliate someone by saying it's 'disgusting'. Ofcourse comment with someone like 'it's not something i'm into' but please don't say 'disgusting' as it's a strong word and I know for myself personally if someone said something like that to something I was expressing then I would be quite hurt and embarassed.

    So that's my bit of forum ettiquete advice, I hope you enjoy your stay here, we are all welcoming and extremely open minded and I hope you make some good friendships here with hopefully, like minded people.

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    Hi Littleabgirl, of course everything you said makes sense and one thing I stress about is when someone offends me or tires to make me feel inadequate or foolish. Therefor knowing how it feels, i try my best not offend others. To knowingly bruise someone is bad, to unwittingly do it is sad. I am using this strategy, if I do not know what to say, say nothing. Thanks for your welcome and my apology for not replying sooner. My internet credit expired.

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