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Thread: Hi I'm Sassy!

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    Red face Hi I'm Sassy!

    I'm new here...just wanted to say hello!

    If there is anything you want to know about me just ask!

    Great to be around like minded people for once.

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    Hey there Sassy, welcome to the site!

    There's a great tutorial for introductions - Cheat Sheet - would be awesome if you wouldn't mind reading it - gives some great ideas for things to put in an intro post!

    That said, I'm glad you appreciate the community - we are a very understanding group of people!

    As a starter for ten, what is your favourite movie?

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    Great to be around like minded people for once.
    If you would care to expand on this it would help; do you mean padded? Or is there something that influences the "for once" you said (or was that just a slip of the tongue?)

    We are a pretty liberal and overall accepting lot, and about the nicest group all in all you could hope to come across; we have some limits and boundaries though, as do the other padded sites [by padded I mean diaper-wearing for recreation.] And just as their members have reasons to feel more at ease on those sites, ours are more at home here; and very importantly, many many members are in two or more places at once, finding people they like to be around, and accepted by.

    So yeah; do say how you feel we are like-minded; your specifics will help us kow you better and want to get to know you more.

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