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Thread: What do you think? ;o

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    Default What do you think? ;o

    What do you think triggered your ABDL tendencies?

    I remember the first thoughts I had of loving diapers was back at my cousins communion. I was about 5 and she and I went to the bathroom. Her mom had to come because she had bladder problems and carried her Pull-Up's in her purse. I was in the adjacent stall, heard the crinkling of the diaper, and it's all up hill from there!

    What about you?

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    Wow, that's a lot more *vanilla* than my experiences!

    I was *I think* potty trained at a young age - I don't remember ever wearing as a child. I was the oldest child, and it was hoped I would be a strong student. I remember I could read by the time I was 3, do simple Maths by 3/4. At school, I was the youngest in the class having been moved from the first year straight to the third. So I never really got to be a child - I can only imagine there was some mental stigma ingrained at that point...

    Also, in nursery school, I was accused of having an accident - when it was one of the younger children. I was so embarrassed that someone would think I would lose control - I was potty trained well before nursery... I know that stuck with me for some time - it had to be traumatic for me to remember it now really! Plus, my Dad always threatened that he would put us back in nappies if we misbehaved - I remember frequently egging myself on to test his threat out!

    I think that's all...

    P.s., There are a lot of threads like this already open - so you might be able to learn a lot about other members by reading these posts; I can't guarantee everyone will want to rewrite their story...

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    Just found an open thread - I suggest you have a look at

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    My grandma was changing my brothers when I was 4 and I said, "My turn, my turn!"
    It actually worked, and she did that for 3 days until she said I need to stop because I was using alot of my brothers diapers. She changed me 4 times a day for that period, and I went #2 a couple times. It was quite fun!

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    I was potty trained so early I don't remember anything about it, I believe before I was two. I think I may have gotten enough diaper time in because one of my earliest memories was lying in bed at nap time thinking about peeing and pooping in a diaper.

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    I think for me it was whenever i would see diapers in the super market.
    I would always think i wish i could wear diapers, then i wouldn't have to get up when i was watching tv. Looking back that seems really lazy but you know... whatevs

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    I have a twin, and we were my parents first pregnancy, and having twins the first time was a little overwhelming, therefore my sister and I were potty trained at a very early age. Then five years later our little brother was born and he wore diapers up till the age of 28 Months, and then pull ups for potty training. I would take diapers when he was little, and pull ups when he started training, I used his potty sometimes too. I never got caught taking diapers, but I was caught using the potty, and I got in a bit of trouble. I think I liked the comfort that diapers gave me.

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    I was a bed wetter until the age of nine and I really didn't mind at all, but my parents were getting nervous about it. They made me see a specialist that gave me a super extremist way to stop bed wetting and after that, I always wanted to be in diapers once again.

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    I donīt think anything really "triggered" it. My desire to wear diapers just grew stronger over the years until I didnīt want to ignore it anymore.

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    Something DL-ish spooked through my mind sometimes, in the past. When, for some reason I stumbled upon this forum (really, I wasn't at all looking for something like this), some things I read here rang a bell. As of late it won't really let go, so I better do something about it.
    I'm really quite eager to try and find out about that part of myself (I really haven't), on the other hand I'm quite afraid it might end up being more of me than I would initially thought or hoped.

    Kind of a weird story, I know - but hey, that's me!

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    I wish I knew! My second oldest memory is of wishing for a bag of Pampers. My first was of how terrifying my parents' decorations looked in the dark from my crib . . . but I digress.

    Sometimes I try to explain it, but all I can do is speculate. I'm guessing that after I came to America at age 3 and started watching TV, I must have latched on to those happy diaper commercials with cute babies and thought "I sure wish that was me".

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