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    What is the most comfortable make shift you ever wore? How did you make it?

    Mine is a pillow in my pants. It is soft and fluffy, what more could I ask? (other than absorbency.)

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    I've used bath towels and pillows/duvet. Only the former was any good as a diaper - I wouldn't recommend using a pillow for anything more than comfort - they are a lot harder to wash!

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    In my makeshift article, I recommend towels because they're not uncomfortable and they're quite absorbent. Bedsheets are also comfortable, but I wasn't about to wet a bed sheet as a kid, not to mention they're really hard to fold.

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    The ones I made when I was younger consisted of serveral rolls of toilet paper and a plastic bag and a load of tape/thread to keep it all nicely together. I always tried to make them look as real as possible. However, if you want a lot of absorbancy I'd say go with towels or something as in my experience the toilet paper doesn't hold a whole lot and will leak very easily if you sit down.

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    I use paper towels and a garbage bag, heck, I've been doing it for awhile so if you need help ask me.

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