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    Hello I'm tyrannosaurusdex I'm currently in college working on a major in criminal justice to later become a medical examiner. I really enjoy video games, body modifications, and my band. I'm not exactly new to the abdl lifestyle but I've never tried anything (because sadly I can't grow the nerve to try anything.) I'm hoping to meet new people and just get advice to help me understand everything.

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    Hi, welcome to the site! I'm sure you'll find plenty of advice on here, and maybe enough to allow you to take the plunge and buy some "things"!

    What video games do you play? And what music does your band play?

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    Hello and thank you I'm hoping to find the courage soon. I think i'm just super self conscious because anytime I've subtly hinted at the idea people find it weird and disgusting. I just have yet to find people to talk to that aren't closed minded, but anyways I do metal/hard rock music I'm the screamer. I really enjoy old school games like mario, sonic, pacman, breath of fire, etc. but i also love the devil may cry series.

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    If I'm being honest, you have no need to hint to people - it's something you do in your own *private* time. You've found a site here for support - where hopefully you won't encounter closed mindedness with ABDL.

    I'm not particularly into screamo rock - but I appreciate the skill needed to do it well! So props to you!

    I share your love of old school games - thank God for emulators eh? I played a bit of devil may cry 4 at one point, but I've lost the disc (and it was on an older PC)...

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    I've always been into what others consider "strange" things just afraid of getting caught doing this one and having to explain because the first explanation is always the hardest it seems.
    Also Thank you and its not that hard to me but I always get looks when I do the deep manly growls because most people where I live have never seen or heard a female do what I do.
    I love emulators they have definitely saved me, but I am also fortunate enough to have found my old games and systems I play it on PS3 I have never really been good when it comes to playing on a PC. Doom was a great game though for PC scariest thing besides Silent Hill when I was younger.

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