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Thread: Hello guys?? xx

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    Default Hello guys?? xx

    Hey x
    My name is "matpar" and i live in the north west of the UK. I have not been into this teen baby stuff very long and as you can see i am a 'teen baby'.
    Im loving life at the moment im at college studying IT (and no this does not mean im a fat nerd) and i've got a part time job.

    Just recently finished my Duke of Edinburgh award and im going seeing the man himself in July. If you want to know any more just send us a message and i will reply as soon as possible

    Love you all

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    Hey there MatPar, welcome to the site!

    Are you planning to go to university after college? I'm studying Computer Science at Uni and did IT at gcse, then Computing at a-level (yes I'm a fat nerd...)

    What job do you have part time?

    Are you excited to see the Duke? Or somewhat ambivalent about it?


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    I do hope so... sadlyim going to be the first year hit with the tuition fees but never mind that education first hahaa
    For the part time job all im going to say is i work in the catering industry and cant wait to see the duke... got my suit and everything
    love matt

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    It's good to see a student that hasn't been phased by the new fees - hopefully the government have calculated it right so you will still earn more as a graduate than not going to uni!

    Hope meeting the duke goes well - I have a friend who is very involved in charity and things, think she's met him too!

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    Well hello! I'm on the opposite side of the country to you... I've always wondered which is better!

    I'm impressed with your Duke of Edinburgh stuff... I almost got into all that, but ducked out after a crisis of nerves/confidence... Yes, I'm pathetic!

    Also, I think you're a closeted fat nerd I find if one has to specifically deny something, it makes it all the more true

    Wish I knew something about IT, too! A very useful skill to have nowadays!

    Welcome - hope you make friends!

    Dan x

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