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Thread: My dog ate a diaper...

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    Default My dog ate a diaper...

    This was last night, and I felt terrible. She appears to be okay today and is showing no sings of discomfort or being sick. I was afraid after I found out she ate one knowing that the stuffing expands so much and could cause a blockage somewhere. Only a portion of the stuffing was missing but the plastic was still en-tact.

    Well I have learned my lesson to make sure NONE are laying around >_<

    Anyone else ever had this happen?
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    My cat got into some gorilla glue, I felt terrible, It was such a tiny amount, but it made me sick to think about the possibilities. Thankfully he was okay and I am more careful about what I have laying about.

    My brothers cat got a pepper of some kind, nearly killed the poor guy.

    All the best for your dog though. It is never fun when you know your pet ate something it should not have.

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    lol can't say I've ever experienced this, but I did catch my cat dragging a diaper around in her mouth when I bought my first pack. Needless to say I was NOT happy and proceeded to continually kick the cats out of my room and hide my stash better. It was a close call!

    I suppose there's just something smell wise about a diaper that attracts certain animals.

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    Almost had something like this happen...except I was wearing it >.> So I was taking a little nap, wearing only my diaper, shirt, and socks. I feel a wiggling between my amazing abdl dream now interrupted, I woke up lol, when i woke, I found my little dachshund bitting at my diapered butt, eating the plastic and other materials, luckily she ate only a little bit of the absorbency powder and not too much to cause problems, I made sure she was fine, trying to remove the shreds of my diaper from in-between her teeth and of course off the bed as well. Dogs these days >.>

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    dont worry bout my dog has eaten a whole shirt (threw it up after wards and had pieces of it in his poop) he also enjoys getting into the trash and eating my sisters baby diapers

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    My dog shredded a baby diaper up and was fine. I think most of the SAP ended up thrown across the floor from his vigorous shaking.

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    My small terrier has gotten into my little ones baby diapers on a couple of occasions... He's always seemed fine afterwards.

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    Dogs love diapers, especially used ones. I know this because I have both children, who have produced their fair share of trash of this sort, and dogs. I think the dogs and bears work together. The bears bust open the trash cans the the dogs drag the diapers around everywhere. Fortunately, all of my children are now out of diapers, I'm extremely cautious of how I dispose of mine, and I've gone to great lengths to prevent bears from busting open my trash anymore.

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    Ahh that's nothin' my aunts dog eats kitchen worktops and printers (the printer happened once (she dragged it off the desk and chewed it up a load (I don't know if she actually ate any bits of it))) and she was fine.

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