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Thread: public outings! with diapers! do you dare show them off?

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    Default public outings! with diapers! do you dare show them off?

    hey i love being diapers and humiliated! i was just wanting to know if anyone else on here likes showing off their diaper to people in public?

    iv so i was wanting to ask those people this ?.

    can you think of anything that a male dude guy however u want to say it can show off thier diaper like a girl could.. girls got it easy cuz if they wanna show off their diaper in public all they gotta do is wear really tight low cut jeans or a really short skirt or shorts... with a really thick diaper and thats it...

    any ideas on something i guy could wear that would allow him to show it off that easy? ive tried to think of something but nothing really came to mind besides tight pants and a short shirt so when you bed over it shows.. but thats lame lol.. ive also ripped holes in some of my really old and crappy jeans.. which gets the job done i guess.. but i want to show it of a diff way than that lol

    don't ask why i like doing this i have no idea but as long as its not in the county that i live in i always have a blast doing this!

    thnx for the ideas!

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    In my opinion, I would keep your diaper wearing to yourself. Some people are easily offended. So by showing your diapers, you could...well...offend someone!

    Please, please, PLEASE! Don't show them off. It could cause people to be uncomfortable.


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    First off I would like to say that some people might consider this a little rude. Its kinda like walking around showing people your underwear. Personally the only person who sees me in diapers is my Mommy. But hey who am I to judge.

    If you want to show it off try wearing a utilikilt or something. Biker shorts or sagging tripp pants. You are going to have to dress a little out of the norm to accomplish what you want honestly and its going to draw even more attention to you.

    Again please be considerate of the people around you for the sake of the reputation of our world. Its bad enough as it is with all the stinking pedophiles claiming to be AB/DL. So please be considerate.

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    i am not meaning to offend anybody.. on this forum or out in public... i do not do this just anywhere.. if i feel as if i am offending somebody i would stop... but in all honesty they have no reason t be offended. maybe this is how i should have said this...

    i don't want it to be obvious that i am trying to show it off such as not waring any pants.. don't get me wrong i have never and will never do that!!!

    thats why i came here to ask i want to know of anyway i could show it off without it looking as if im trying to do that.. and i know some people are going to disagree with what i want to do.. if you are one of those people then ask yourself this.. am i hurting anybody by showing off my diaper in public???? no i am not!... so i don't see a problem with it... i kinda live by this saying

    you only live once... so if you are not hurting anybody and you can afford it.. then why not buy or do whatever that "it" is?

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    A diaper is essentially a type of underwear. Most people do not want to see a stranger's underwear. In that sense, your actions are inconsiderate of other people around you.

    Also, you mention that you like to do this...why? Is it a sexual thing? If so, you are forcing other people around you to participate in your fetish. That is not only inconsiderate, but quite wrong to do!

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    i do this cuzz it gets my adrenaline pumping.... that's the only reason really.. i am a adrenalin junky so to speak.. and i guess im learning something new today.. not only do i have this fetish (diaper lover) that most people don't understand therefore i am alone in it... not only that but apparently the people in my community even have a problem with it.. interesting... last time i post anything like this btw... i doubt there is a way to delete this is there? no point in having it up if its just going to cause an argument.. and that was not my intention...

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