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    Has anybody here purchased or used a Nuk 10?

    I am currently on my second Nuk 5, and I find that I usually move it a lot around my mouth and not necessarily in it's natural position because I find it a but small for regular pacification.

    Has anybody levelled up to a Nuk 10?

    Is there a big difference between the two?? Is it too big? Can it be used on a regular basis, or is it more for purifying the regression, and more of novelty?

    Worth the money?

    Any insight would be appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    There is such a thing? O.O

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    I see them on ebay from time to time. I dunno If I would consider it a worthwhile purchase. On ebay , they tend to be set up in a fashion that you can only bid on them. I see them selling in $50 - $80 range all the time (That's after the shipping charges). I find the price of a relatively common nuk5 to almost be blasphemous, so I don't believe I will ever feel the need to purchase one of these.


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    I swear the nipple looks like an oblong penis. Wonder if I could still take it, I'd like to think I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kite View Post
    I swear the nipple looks like an oblong penis. Wonder if I could still take it, I'd like to think I can.

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    I haven't really felt a need for anything larger than the medicpro L. Maybe my mouth is small or something... but I have no problem keeping that in all night.

    I've seen some quite large teats on pacifiers... it really looks like people are trying to combine ball gags with pacifiers sometimes O.o

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    I actually find the Nuk 5 too wide for my mouth!

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    Two places to order these "Nuk 10" Pacifiers:


    AB-Versand Windel und Strampleanzüge für Erwachsene - Nuckel

    The part you suck on is like the ones made for babies, but then there is some sort of material packed inside the nipple the keeps it's uniformity.

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    I'm pretty sure this isn't really a "Nuk" anything, since it doesn't look very much like the other Nuk pacifiers, and the "Nuk 10" label is just something that some eBay seller came up with.

    I haven't tried this pacifier, which the Der Nucki-Koenig site calls the "Adult Mega Pacifier," but I have one of the "Adult Progress XXL" ones, and it's pretty sad. Yes, it's big, but it's not resilient at all. When you squish down on it, it stays flat and doesn't return to its original shape unless you leave it alone for a few seconds. It's just not much like a real pacifier at all. I wouldn't expect much more from the "Adult Mega Pacifier," because the fact is that most of these adult pacifiers are made and sold as novelties -- for looks or for costumes, not for realism. The real Nuk pacifiers are designed for actual use, either for babies or for adults with special needs.

    If it's really made by Nuk, it's probably of better quality than that, and I have no way to know for sure without buying one.
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