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Thread: Pronunciation of incontinence

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    Default Pronunciation of incontinence

    Just curious as to how everyone says this word.

    I say it like this


    is that right?

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    I've always heard it said In-con-tin-ints (en making an "in" sound)

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    although I used to pronounce it...


    After an embarrasing call, I finally realized I was pronouncing it wrong! :P

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    Ok, so it's In-con-tin-inse

    but how about In-con-ten-ance (but that's with a "boston super-ego accent").

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    I'm sure that it doesn't matter how you pronounce that last "ence" part...It's not like you're going around telling everyone, and it's not a test, so just say it how you think you should...I say it...With both "ence" and "ince"...I'm trying to see how I say it, but now I'm confusing myself

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    I probably pronounce the last part with an "ence" sound. I'm sure it's a regional thing, just like some people pronounce "aunt" so that it rhymes with "taunt" and other people pronounce it like "ant." Or CAR-mel versus "car-a-mel." (My dad and stepmother were horrified to hear me say car-mel once in a coffee shop, they said this was an uneducated white trash way to say it and that if I said that on a job interview it could cost me the job.)

    When I first came across the word "incontinence" and had never heard it spoken before, for some reason I thought it was pronounced "incontinuance" and one day I said that out loud and my mom laughed at me.

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    For proper pronunciation:
    American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This
    inĚconĚtiĚnence (ĭn-kŏn'tə-nəns) Pronunciation Key
    n. The quality or state of being incontinent.

    To hear the proper pronunciation go to incontinence - Definitions from scroll about halfway down the page and click on the 'speaker' in the second definition (see above) of the word incontinence.

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    Footed P.J.


    I'll be watching you all.

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