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Thread: Any Linux geeks here?

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    Default Any Linux geeks here?

    Just wondering, I switched to Linux a couple of months ago, and I'm learning so much! So anyone else want to talk Linux? xD

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    I was on Linux for a while, but I do a lot of digital drawing and getting hardware to work with Linux is a pain sometimes. Not to mention the limited amount of programs.

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    I'm somewhat OS agnostic due to the type of work that I do a long with tweaking with OS's as a hobby (bit sad there I know!). On my personal machines though I tend to stick with GNU/Linux rather than anything else. Usually feel most at home with either Debian or Fedora but as a self diagnosed distro hopper, I've had a good go at quite a few of the more popular distro's at some point or another over the last eight or nine years.

    It's great that you've taken the plunge and are learning a lot LittleSkyler There appears to quite a lot of folk on ADISC who are Linux/BSD users so you may find it interesting to join the group in the long term.

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    I spose I am a bit. I've been working with Linux servers and clusters for about 7ish years now, and I'm currently studying for an RHCE. Might also go from some of the LPI certs as well as part of the prep too.

    Seen as my Linux experience comes from industry, I really only know RHEL. I did come across one SUSE install once, several years ago, but that was the only none Redhat Linux distro I've seen really. Prior to that I did work for a couple of years with SGI Irix occasionally.

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