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Thread: Hip hip, horray, it's Weasel Stopming Day!!!!

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    Default Hip hip, horray, it's Weasel Stopming Day!!!!

    If you are not familiar with Weird Al Yankovic, I wonder how many of us like me are real fans of his. I've seen the man twice in concert in Cleveland, OH, and I plan on seeing him after he records another album if he chooses to.

    Weird Al is one of my all-time favorite artists, and I get a kick out of a lot of his songs. I was wondering, if there are many like me, who are fans of his music like myself.

    I've been a fan for YEARS, and I will always be a fan of him. I even have a DVD of his movie, UHF.


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    He's def not my favorite artist, but he is awesome XD. I am a fan of him, I might or might not go to a concert, if it was in a 30 minute drive from my house probably, but seeing as most good concerts here in florida are in Tampa, probably not -.-...

    His songs do make me laugh a lot and I enoy listening to them though.

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    He is here this weekend, I just got an e mail from the Freeloaders clulb I belong to, they let us know when we can get something for free, in our area.

    And tomorrow they are giving away tickets to his show, we find out first, because were freelaoders. you can join if you want to, at rock 107 just click on the picture of kevin federline, the ultimate freelaoder.

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    I used to be a total Weird Al freak! I still love his stuff...I saw him here in '96 and recently

    well I got I got a woman named wilma... well I got I got a baby named pebbles
    well I got I got a doggy named dino... we do a little bowling and drink a little vino

    heheh stuck in my head the other day...

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    I am a huge fan, and my dad grew up in the town wear and when He DJing (San Luis Obispo)

    Saw him in concert there once, too.

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    lol I saw Wasel Stomping Day on Robot Chicken the other night. They took the song and gave it dialogue. Was pretty funny.

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    I find Weird Al to be a great guy, he spends his entire carreer making people laugh even though his parents have past away(one or the other, i can't remember)

    as for his songs i remember a time period where i would almost always prefer his songs over the originals, hehehe

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