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Thread: Hello everyone.

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    Default Hello everyone.

    Hi,I just wanted to say that I am new here.I have made my career as a bench jeweler and designer of jewelry art.
    I would have to say that I am a DL.
    I like sports,mostly basketball (I played high school ball)and I am starting to like football now.I like gaming(ps3)wish they would go back on line.In the summer I try to go sailing as much as I can or take the canoe out on the river.I also like deer hunting,fishing but I haven't had much luck with either of them.I also like traveling to Jamaica for vacations.
    To listen,to learn from all.

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    Hey, welcome to the site! I notice you joined in 2008 - any reason you left and came back?

    Also, what are your favourite games? The PSN failure hasn't affected me too badly; I'm just waiting to link my PS3 to steam for co-op gaming on Portal 2!

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    I had forgotten I had joined and just the other day came across this site again.I like playing Black ops,but haven't had the time to play other games.

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    PSN is back up, silly heads.

    Welcome to the site though, ADISC welcomes you happily. It's great the you enjoy gaming but still get outdoors so much. The sun always tries to kill me, I swear. Why are you just barely coming around to football? That's the only sport I get into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    PSN is back up, silly heads.
    Not in the UK... :'-(

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