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Thread: How many hours a day do you think you wear a diaper?

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    Default How many hours a day do you think you wear a diaper?

    I have not found a good place to get diapers yet, so I can't answer this question. How many hours a day do you think you where a diaper?

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    Not that much, honestly. I generally go days at a time without wearing any and it can be a couple weeks, even. I could wear quite often if I were inclined, but it's more of a periodic thing. When I am in that mode, it's rare for me to go longer than twelve hours at a stretch, but I might be wearing them for 2-12 hours 3+ days in a week. It all depends.

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    Does nightime count? I can't really say, its not all the time that I have diapers.

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    I wear pretty often but a pack lasts me at least a month maybe 2

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    I wear pretty infrequently. Probably once or twice a month. Basically I get the urge every once and a while and I wear for a night and sleep in it. Then after that i'm set for a couple weeks atleast.

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    baby kiffer


    During the day...I'd say less than one hour, over the period of the year.

    During the night, however, I'd say that I wear at least three times per week. (I only wear cloth diapers; I don't use them).

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    Sometimes, I do not wear it. but sometimes, I wear it more than 20 hours. It depends on my mood and where I am .

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    The only time I am not wearing a diaper is when I am taking a shower.
    I don't feel safe unless I am wearing a diaper.
    So for all purpose you could say 24/7

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    It's not very often that people wear very frequently. I see myself as frequently with just once or twice a week. Sometimes the urge just stays away, there's nothing we can do about that , you can't force yourself to do something you don't really want to do. I believe it's something you'd do in your private time.

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