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    I was in the shower the other day, thinking, because that's where the lightbulb, the Nobel Peace Prize, and drowning was invented. And I came up with the next big idea along those lines.

    Not really.

    But I did get to thinking about diaper design. The mechanics. More specifically, the sides.

    And something random popped into my head.

    Thinner front flaps, with tapes on one of them. Most likely with custom leak guards. They go all the way around and tape up in the back. The back flaps get taped over that. A more secure diaper. An auxilary defense against tape ripping or something. Snug and cozy... possibly a little uncomfortable.

    This makes no sense in my head.

    It's a dumb idea.

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    Where do the front tapes tape up against?

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    I think Wheatley means the front wings wrap all the way round and tape onto themselves at the back? Then the back wings tape on the front as normal?

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    I figured this was gonna be a post about wearing a diaper into the shower. Think you could MS-paint what you're talking about? I can't really picture it in my head, OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frink View Post
    I can't really picture it in my head, OP.
    If you have ever used a belted diaper - imagine the front wings wrapping round and joining at the back (like a belted on backwards) - then the back wings wrapping round and taping on the front like a normal diaper. I think.

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