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    Default Hi everybody!

    My deepest apologies for not making an introduction got in the way, as I'm sure it can for all of you too! Anyway...I'm still (sort of) new to the whole scene; I've been an occasional bedwetter for most of my life, and found out that a friend had a DL side, which is really what brought me here.

    I guess I could be a cheese and tell you how I'm just your average girl, but I won't. I just recently received my bachelor's (part of the whole "life getting in the way" thing...), so I've been pretty actively looking for a job. Harder than it seems, believe me!

    In my spare time, I love running. I try to run at least 3 or 4 miles a it on a treadmill at the student center or outside (preferably outside!). I ran in high school and wasn't good enough for my college team, but it's something I could NEVER give up. It's like a part of me.

    I also love music and try to go to as many concerts as I can. It really doesn't matter if it's local or mainstream, I love the sound of a live show. Some of my favorite bands are The Decemberists and Keane. Any other fans here...sometimes there hard to find, though The Decemberists seem to be getting more and more popular!

    I don't really know how much I'm supposed to tell you about me...I hope this is enough. If not, feel free to ask questions or what have you. I look forward to being a more active part of this community than I have been....sorryyy!

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    Hi, Star! Good luck on finding a job. What did you major in, and what kind of job are you looking for?

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    Hey star, good intro,

    You've come to the right place to discover more about your abdl side, there's a lot of nice and very wise people here on ADISC.

    I see you got a bachelor's degree but in what field is it (if you feel like sharing that information)? I should be finishing my bachelor in software engineering in like a little less than two months.

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    Hey star! It's awesome that you've discovered this through a friend - most of us have a long cycle of acceptance/rejecting before we reach here! If you don't mind me asking, are you a DL now then? Or simply a bedwetter?

    Congrats on the degree - like R1214 I'm about to graduate in Computer Science this summer!

    I can't say I share the love of running - my legs are pretty rubbish above 3mph! I love going to concerts though, hoping once I get a job I can start going to a lot more of them! I'm a fan of Keane (newer albums though)... and only briefly heard of the Decemberists - I'll try to listen properly soon!

    You've given a great introduction though - I look forward to hearing more from you soon! *hugs*

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    Thanks for the welcome, guys! And congrats to R1214 and eeyore on getting your degrees, too!

    I got a degree in finance, so I'm currently looking for a job anywhere, but pretty much exclusively interviewing with banks. I'd like to stay pretty close to my family, though, which is what's complicating the job hunt. I was debating whether or not to jump straight into getting a master's, but decided I'd try to find a job that'll help pay for it.

    I'm so glad someone has heard of Keane, eeyore. You wouldn't believe the number of people I know who haven't. It's a shame, really...but yeah, give The Decemberists a listen! I love their stuff...I can listen to albums straight through hour after hour. As for your question about my DL side, it's something that I'm open to -- my friend told me about it, and as an occasional bedwetter (it's been a few years since I regularly wet the bed), it never really crossed my mind that people would want to wear diapers. There is something cutely innocent about wearing, though, and I guess that's what appeals to me!

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