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Thread: Teat/bottle recommendations?

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    Default Teat/bottle recommendations?

    Hi guys,

    I recently tried out a cheap variflow teat (nipple) from my local supermarket and really liked it, so now I'm looking to find some kind of bottle that has a variflow teat AND an anti-colic/anti-vacuum system.

    I'm in the UK, and I can get to most of the big supermarket chains if there are any own brand things I might want to try. We've got a Mothercare and a Babies R Us too. At the moment I have a cheap standard size bottle but I'm open to the idea of getting something new

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    Avent and Tommee Tippee are brands to look out for - they both have anti-colic valves, and I believe that you can purchase variflow teats for them. You should be able to get them in most places, certainly boots or Babys R US.

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    By a variflow teat do you mean one with an x shaped hole? Most big baby brands make these and most also have an anti-vacuum system. If you want an in-bottle anti-vacuum system then Mam or Dr Browns both have in-bottle anti-vacuum systems. Mam you can buy from larger Boots stores and you should be able to get either in Mothercare or Babies R us. Otherwise lots of bottles achieve their ant-vacuum system through a valve in the teat - Nuby and Tommee Tippee both do this.

    My personal favourite bottle is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle. They do not usually come with a variflow teat - you will probably find most bottles do not come with a variflow teat - and so you would probably have to buy the teat separately. I do also like Mam bottles, although their anti-colic system is a bit fiddly when a vent in a teat will offer exactly the same result without needing so many parts.

    If you haven't already read it then adisc's baby bottle article may be helpful for you ( - choosing a bottle is largely about personal preference and experimentation - also a lot of bottles and teats are interchangeable between brands so so you don't necessarily have to find a bottle with both a teat and an anti-vacuum system, as you can always change the teat for a variflow one if necessary. And if your bottle doesn't have an anti-vacuum system then if you choose a teat which has a valve in it then that will work as an anti-vacuum system without needing to buy a new bottle.

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