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Thread: Good "double-diapered" options?

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    Default Good "double-diapered" options?

    Wondering for those who like to wear more than one diaper at a time, what are your preferred methods of going about this?
    I have found a good combo that is VERY comfortable, especially for bedtime.
    I use a Depend max, with slits cut ito the back of course, under a Dry 24/7. This combo, for me at least, seems to be nigh unleakable. I even add a pair of plastic pants over the top for good measure, but not always. I find I can wet at least a half-dozen times before it even begins to feel "full." (At which point, it feels just right!) I like how having the "cheap" diaper underneath seems to make everything feel snug. But I like to keep the premium diaper on the outside because of the great leak guards. For me There is no fear of press-out when sitting with this combo. And it is THICK! I even wear like this out in public, under oversized pants of course! Yes, it does look like I'm wearing a diaper!

    What about you? What would be your suggestion for a favorite double-diaper combo?

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    I've tried wearing 2 diapers at once but I have found that a Dry 24/7 with 2 Bambino Quadro boosters (1 positioned towards front and other positioned towards back) is more effective and super thick and comfy. By far my favorite combo.

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    i have tried to bambinos at the same time, the first one with cuts in it. it held alot but was to bulk and i couldn't even think about closing my legs, it was too uncomfortable. i would agree just add some boosters into one diaper and that would be the best.

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    I always use two diapers at night. I use a knife to make three slits from front to back install then install another overtop. Over top is lined plastic pants, so seldom a leak

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    I'm kind of new at this, how do you boost a diaper?

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    I like the Abri Maxi Liners but only with the abena diaper, I cut a sideway cut in the very back of the diaper about 5 inches from the complete back then insert the long booster inside the middle part pushing it to the front with my arm, it makes them much more absorbant and helps with the ballying up of the fluff that is now common with abena, But after finding the Dry 24/7's I now can't wait til my abena stock runs out. two diapers is just to hot for me at night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinkleGamer View Post
    I'm kind of new at this, how do you boost a diaper?
    Take a diaper and defeat the plastic shell, either by puncturing a LOT of holes in it or by using a razor cutter to make several slits in the shell. Doing so will allow liquid to pass through the shell. Put that first diaper on, then put a normal, intact diaper on over it.

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    my resourses where limited, but i wore 2 depends maximum protection to the movies, it didn't work too well but all well,

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    What I've founf to really work well is the baby cloth diapers. You can get them just about anywhere in a 12 pack. Anyway, use three or four of them at a stuffer. They work great.

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