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Thread: people that give ABDLs a bad name

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    Thumbs up people that give ABDLs a bad name

    Read this article first:

    Charged Firefighter May Have Had Diaper Fetish « CBS Denver

    These are the people that give ABDLs a bad name in the news. Every time something like this happens the public gets a bad image of us and makes it even harder for us to talk to people about it and share our feelings.

    it wasn't that long ago when people didn't dare say the word fetish. Now it has become more acceptable. Some fetishes are more acceptable than others (ie. foot fetish, BSDM...) to name a few that most people (General Public) wouldn't have a huge problem with.

    What do you think we can do as a group/community to present together a good image for ABDLs to the general public?

    People need to know that what we do is great and hurts nobody!

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    I think there may already be a number of threads on this subject, that is to say that it is quite possible someone has already beaten you to it :p

    Also, I think you should check out the "Introduction" section of the forum. Just so we can get a general feel of who you are and that kind of thing.


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    funny, i looked for posts on the subject and didn't find anything. just thought i would go with what was on my mind and what should be on all of our minds.

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    We could just ignore them, haters gonna hate so we might as well just deal with it. I can see why people think it's fucked up and disgusting, I have come to terms with that and now just don't give a rats ass what society thinks.

    I don't really think it's as oppressing as people are saying. It's not like we need to out ourselves to the world...

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    Man This Hit way to close to Home. I live 15 minutes south of Longmont were this happened. Its one thing to have a fetish but its another to have your child participate in something they are not even familiar with let alone the age to explore it. The things people do sometimes.

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    Ok, I read though some of the comments, and it seems most people don't care about the fetish talk in the report. Then I saw one comment that made me think there is hope in this world for some acceptance of fetishes.


    I don’t really get why the fetish is even being reported here. Thousands of people have unusual fetishes–shoes, leather, even diapers–without ever raping someone. It’s frankly not relevant to this report and shouldn’t have been included. No need to ostracize the kink community any more than it already is.
    Then I read this........


    NO CRAIG, You’re WRONG! It has everything to do with the sodomizing of this child, and it’s something this society needs to start rebuking. Having a fetish with your spouse who ALSO enjoys it, (might) be no big deal. When you’re so sick, that your wife needs to leave you, and when you decide your “fetish” is something the people around you need to know about and take part in with you, – FORCEFULLY, THEN YOU GOT A REAL SICK PROBLEM, and EVERY ONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT YOU, BE WARNED ABOUT YOU and others like you, AND YOU need a life of watching, because these people NEVER GET “BETTER!”
    Apparently I'm never going to get better........ Good to know, cause I like the way I am.

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    I don't think we really can do much. I mean... unless they have personal contact with one of us, they're going to see us as freaks or paedophiles or whatever.

    And what is it with the news going "THIS MAN IS A BAD MAN... AND HE LIKES POPPY DIPPERZ."? Is it for shock value? Because if it is, they look like idiots adding in irrelevant facts. All it does is reinforce the fact that most people are idiots and point fingers to blame it on somebody else. It's like saying "Hitler was an ass. He also loved dogs. So if you love dogs, you are an ass." We all know that isn't true because we have real contact with non-ass dog lovers.

    It's just the same here. You gotta let them herp and derp. Retaliating against the haters just makes everyone not involved think that you're butthurt. I won't write 5 paragraphs, but you get it. Haters gonna hate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shukkume View Post
    It's like saying "Hitler was an ass. He also loved dogs. So if you love dogs, you are an ass." We all know that isn't true because we have real contact with non-ass dog lovers.
    That's a false dichotomy, right? I think that's the term...

    Shukkume nailed it. No matter how much we calmly explain ourselves and continue to be the upstanding societal members we are, "haters gonna hate," plain and simple. Sadly, in this day and age, where we can know anything that happens at the drop of a hat, we get hit with ten thousand times more information a day than we did even twenty years ago. (My gosh...I was alive then...)

    Therefore, we are going to hear all these horrid stories from all these far-flung reaches of the globe that we wouldn't have heard prior to the advent of the world wide web. (Not that Denver is 'far-flung', but I trust you get my point.) Many people now think that the world is ten thousand times worse, which I think we can all agree isn't true; evil, just as much as good, has always existed.

    So, people who search out bad news can now find endless reams of it at any given time. This is perfect for those in our world who, rather than focusing on their own issues, enjoy pointing out what they perceive to be failings in others.

    ...which brings me back to Shukkume's original point: "Haters gonna hate."


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    Well if we could get every AB DL in the USA to gather together in one place at one time as a united front and come out to the world and show all the world that just because we wear diapers for pleasure we are not about rapeing childern.

    But we all know that can never happen so its back into the closet for most diaper wearing folks and hope no one finds out you enjoy wearing a diaper.

    Talk shows where never a good idea as a venue to let the world know, just ask those who where on Jerry Springers show.

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    Two in two weeks... There´s something strange in USA

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