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Thread: For those who play World of Warcraft...

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    Default For those who play World of Warcraft...

    I've got a question for you all. More likely than not, My Mage is going to be transfering Horde --> Alliance fairly soon for the sake of a guild transfer. I was just wondering, what race do you guys think I should be? I'm torn between Night Elf and Worgen...

    With Night Elves, I'm one of the few that kinda likes the casting animation. It looks sort of like an obelisk, almost like you're watching the fight while simultaneously participating in it. I also love the idea of Shadowmeld, being able to save myself on wipes as well as get in the 1st shot in PvP. It also makes some twisted sense lore-wise, going from a Troll to a Night Elf.

    However, Worgen also captivate me. Being a furry, I sorta like the idea of being a wolf boy Their racials are also slightly better for direct PvE dps. However, I think their casting animations look much sillier than Night Elves. I mean really... I don't need my arms flailing all around my head. Its also kinda hard to get over the fact that on the inside, they're still gross, stubby humans. I also don't wanna be seen as a contributor to the rise of World of Worgencraft...

    I will absolutely not play any other race... so what do you guys think?

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    Srry Horde ftw!

    If I had to choose...Worgen. They're new to me and would still have the novelty of not being my 3rd or 4th toon of the same race.

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    For me personally, I like the naturalistic persona of the nightelves more than the beastliness of the worgens.

    But you play the game, you know that race doesn't govern any serious advantages. There is no such thing as a bad race.

    Pick the one that you think you can look at for longer! But the honest reason why I chose night elf way back when I used to play...The music in Teldrassil.

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