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Thread: A question--might be a touchy subject.

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    Default A question--might be a touchy subject.

    ok I am a newby here and have a few questions. Let me first state, that I am an adult finger sucker and definitely have some infantile fantasies. Not into diapers though.

    Obviously you can have these interests which may or may not be sexually driven.
    But when they ARE sexual in nature- as the infant/ child, do you feel like you want someone to be pedophillic with you?

    And for people that enjoy acting as the carer/ adult... well you see where I am going.

    I am not saying that would ever cause anyone to act with real children or even fantasize, but just questioning how these things might fit together or not.

    I myself think- I might like to have a relationship with a man where i could act out my finger sucking/ age roleplay- however- I think i would question that that guy might be a REAL creep, that secretly wants the real thing.

    I know everyone is different and don't mean any offense. Just trying to sort my own feelings out.

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    I guess when there's a sexual involvement, the baby play is out of the window; it's a partner who has been/is wearing baby attire. So there may be masturbation, oral, or penetrative sex - at this point, the diapers are either off, or left on as a physical stimulant. Granted, there might be some "you've been a naughty baby" style domination/humiliation, but the distinction has already been made that it's become adult play.

    I don't think there are many (if any) ABDL here that feel a paedophilia involvement when doing sexual diaper play - I certainly would not feel comfortable having to make a "here comes the aeroplane" noise to initiate something sexual... And I wouldn't want a caretaker to force me to make baby noises or anything while making sexual contact.

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    wow, i've thought about that question before and never really had the guts to bring it up. good for you for having the courage to ask a hard question.

    there are plenty of folks who have an interest in being "babied" by an adult figure, or who have an interest in taking on the role of a "mommy" or "daddy." i think that as long as everything happens between consenting adults, there's nothing morally wrong with it. you're right, though -- there's something about those desires that strays pretty close to some ethical boundaries. when i hear people talking about their boyfriends or girlfriends as "mommies" and "daddies" there's a part of me that shivers inside.

    i personally don't have any interest in being a caretaker or in being "caretook." if i ever shared this fetish with someone else (and i'm not sure i want to) i would rather they be a "playmate" who would wear diapers and regress with me. even that seems a little iffy, though.

    i'd say if you have an interest in getting involved in that kind of relationship, make sure you form a relationship with the person as an adult FIRST, and that everyone understands fully that the mommy/daddy/baby thing is only role-play. any sexual relationship has to be first and foremost an adult relationship.

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    Finally, a subject I can directly answer as a caretaker. Woohoo~

    I am both a sexual and non-sexual caretaker, just so you know. I'll admit that my fantasies about guys in diapers acting like babies and totally wetting my knickers over them does kind of make me look like a pedophile. But, alas, I'm not. I don't like real babies in any way. I just can't stand the crying and the pooping and how delicate they are. It's just weird. But what's weirder is the fact that I recently had an awkward sexual ABDL dream about a guy who's old enough to be my dad and 5 inches taller than me. If that's pedophilic, then I am the most awkward pedophile ever and I am proud of it. (I had to say it, by the way. Just to get it off my chest.) But it's also kind of an extension of the maternal/paternal feeling for most of us. I'm extremely maternal and I'll be damned if I said that I didn't want to innocently cuddle every puppy-eyed man that I saw, but I know how to keep my cool.

    I can't assure you that there aren't creeps out there, because there are. Remember what Avery said. Any relationship you have is a healthy relationship with an adult first and a caretaker/ab relationship after. And it's always about mutual respect. That's just the way it is. (But if anybody has casual sex, I'm okay with that. I don't judge. Just use a condom and get tested regularly.)

    tl;dr: I hate real kids, but I'd totally get all over a cute guy in a onesie if he wanted me to.

    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    I certainly would not feel comfortable having to make a "here comes the aeroplane" noise to initiate something sexual...
    I'm going to be thinking of awkward ABDL innuendo all night long. Damn.

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    For me there is a big difference in my mindset which means it doesn't really get that close to the line. When I'm in baby/regressed mode the furthest thing from my mind is sex. It just doesn't involve, I could be rock hard and not really care. Yet when I'm horny I'm very much in an adult mindset, and that's when the other side comes in, humiliation, being talked down to, being dommed (christ I'm so subby :P) and actual sex all appeal to that adult sexual side. And my little side is almost totally not involved.

    So whilst ab/dl is sexual for me for some part of it, the sexual side is completely different to the non-sexual side, which is more concerned with feeling safe, warm, and loved.

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    The shortest possible answer would be: no, I don't even like children, hateful things.
    For me the attraction in being cared for like a little kid has everything to do with me NOT being one and still being treated that way regardless. So you could say I don't really regress, it's just domination/submission sexual game and a fascination for the objects involved in it. I don't have deep rooted desire to become a kid, and I've had pretty happy childhood, nothing truly damaging that has to be compensated for now. I guess that would make me more DL, less AB.

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    I find sexuality frightening when I'm regressed; it's outside my emotional safe zone. So no, not a sexual baby here.

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    I get the impression that people tend fall into one of three categories:

    1) ABs who when role-playing are not interested in anything sexual.
    2) DLs who are turned on by the diaper, but get nothing from being a baby.
    3) People into degradation, for whom the sexualisation of being a baby comes from the fact that one is an adult dressed in a degrading, lower status way, rather than that person role-playing as an infant.

    So I think for most people the scary 'paedo-zone' is avoided: either the person seems themselves as an infant, in which case they do find the activity sexual, or they see themselves as an adult, in which case the problem as sex and children goes away.

    If one gets turned on by the thought of being a baby, or looking after somebody role-playing as an actual baby, then I can see why one would feel uncomfortable. I don't really have anything insightful to say in that case.

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