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Thread: Mommy and Baby from michigan

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    We are 40's couple from michigan. Been around block time or two, and certainly been through a few cases of diapers. See ya around the forums.
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    Ok two points,

    First of all, can you both have an account each please. We have a few couples on the forum and everyone needs to have their own account.

    Second of all, we're not a site that welcomes meet-ups. We have members as young as 13 here so I've edited out that part of your introduction a bit.

    Why don't you tell us a little bit more about yourselves individually. We all have the common thread of diapers here, so what makes you guys unique?

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    Thanks much for the help. I dont think two accounts will be necessary. Since my wife doesnt post, she not much into the message board thing. We are both professionals and are career oriented. We mainly find time on weekends and nights for diaper endulgement. She does not wear since she is a parental figure. We keep this to ourselves, our family and friends do not know about our special time. I dont know that any of this makes us unique, we do have some ab friends but mainly online. We mainly use the forums to find info on new diapers on the market. Mainstays are bambino either blanco's or classico and occasionally the abu cushies or dry kids diapers.

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    Talula was referring more to your other interests, hobbies, music genres, fave films that kinda thing. We know you like nappies, and are somewhere in the abdl spectrum. Quite frankly it gets a little boring if that's all we know you for. We want to know the person in the nappy, not just about your nappy.

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    Welcome to the community! Hoping to hear some more about your background.

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    If you keep this to yourself, and is a special, private indulgence, I suggest meetup information isn't the best way to start off here. Either that'll fail and you get nowhere... or it succeeds and your cover gets blown, and people you don't want to know emerge from the woodwork and besiege you, calling you at work and dropping by all hours .

    If you want to be part of a dynamic peer-support group, reaching out to cuddle the depressed and lonely, and fill them in on all kinds of wisdom you have gained over the years, then that's great! Let's get to know one another well, and show each other what we have to offer, especially non-diaper-wise.

    It's great you guys found each other, and are "normal" and make a good go of life. That alone, is a shining example,especially to our youngsters who think this sets them apart, and dooms them to some kind of failure henceforth, when it does no such thing. How does being role-models sound? Especially for all of us who are consumed with the fetish and centre our lives around it. You guys can light the middle way.

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