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Thread: Slobstopper - Adult Bib

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    Default Slobstopper - Adult Bib

    I can't believe this made the front page of the Huffington Post...

    'Slobstopper' Adult Bib A Giant FAIL For Humanity (VIDEO)

    Personally I want one.. What about all of you??

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    I'd rather have an adult baby bib, then whats essentially an over large napkin.

    And yes, I agree with the article, this makes me loose faith in humanity.

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    Ah, I love those late night TV Paid Programming products. The videos make it seem like <Menial Task 99.99% of the population can do JUST FINE> IS SO HARD without <Product>. On topic though, I would not buy one of these as the idea just seems a bit overplayed (Really, just keep a spare shirt in your car if you're that worried about spillage).

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    Flipping on a lightswitch is SO hard,

    but not anymore, with THE CLAPPER!....

    always wondered what would happen if you had a party in a room with the lights linked to a clapper Clapper light rave, Im a genious

    Anyway.... If you happen to be an absolute clutz, and you spill food SO often, you shouldent eat in the car.

    If I got a bib it would have to be an oversized babys bib, but the idea isnt overly-appealing

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    I... wow. The Huffington post had nothing better to put on the front page?

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    Nothing difficult to do it as a home made.

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    Before I spent $15-$20 on that I'd just hook a bath towel around my neck. :P

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