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Thread: Pampers size 8 are they a myth?

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    Default Pampers size 8 are they a myth?

    Are pampers size 8 a myth

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    They are a myth. wanna know how?

    Since pampers doesn't make them and if they did they would advertise them!!! Sure size 7 doesn't have any ad's for itself, but any product pampers/P&G makes they will put up on their websites.

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    I was google shopping and there was something that said pampers size 8

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    They count the underjams as size 8, so they will actually show up if you do an amazon search for them

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    It depends on what line of size 8 you were looking for.

    Baby dry caps out at size 6 and Cruisers cap out at size 7.

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    Mythbusters anyone?

    I guess Underjams could be considered Pampers Size 8, so no, it's not a myth.

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    It can be argued either way. If your talking about any form of diaper made by pampers that's a size 8, then yes there is one. If your asking if there is a size 8 baby diaper made by pampers, then no, there isn't.

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