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    Hey everyone, since im new here i thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Kyle and im a tb. Im 14 years old and lovin it!! Im going into my freshman year which im phyced for, ive got a gf which i love very much, and im a very energetic teen, woot woot!!!! I am the #1 track runner in my school district and am excited to join the highschool track team. I would love to make some new freinds on the site..... and thts it

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    Welcome to ADISC, kyle.

    I hope you enjoy it here.

    I see you are a freshmen, I know for me, my first year in High School was the hardest, but it gets a lot easier. Don't believe in all the hype! People say the freshmen are picked on, but in reality they aren't. I remember my first day of high school, I was so scared thinking the upper classmen would pick on me.

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    Thx for the welcomes, and thx for the advice James I'll remember that =]
    Now i shall start my posting MUAHAHAHA

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    Welcome to the community, make yourself at home.

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    "is going to be a senior next year"

    Let the Freshman hunt comence!

    Just messing with ya man, welcome to the site and hope to see you around.

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