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    Question Term Paper

    I have to write a term paper for this class that I am taking. The topic I chose is computer crime. The only problem is that computer crime is a really broad subject and there is a ton of information out there. I would like to narrow it down to something more specific, but I am draeing a blank. I got four books out of the campus library, three are on cyber crime ingeneral and the other one is 'Masters of Deception: The Gang That Ruled Cyberspace'. I have to use a minimum of two books and one magazine and the paper has to be a minimum of 750 qords. Now, before you all start complaining that I am trying to get you to write the paper for me, I'm not. I'm just looking for ideas.

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    Computer crime? Perhaps a few specifics you can try:

    Methods of Attack
    Famous Criminal(s)
    Ethics of Computer Hacking (in contrast to real life crime)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Computer crime? Perhaps a few specifics you can try:

    Methods of Attack
    Famous Criminal(s)
    Ethics of Computer Hacking (in contrast to real life crime)
    750 words, I wonder if I could touch on all three of those topics.

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    You could start talking about Identity Robery. Also you could start tslking about the IH Machine and about An. Then you could talk about everything Lukie said. Maybe my idea can give you at least 50 or more words.

    Yeah you chose a very broad and difficult topic

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    Throw me a PM, I happen to be a 'fan' of these topics. I can definitely help you out,

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    750 words isn't much. If I were you I would stick to two subjects at most. But rather than go into the technicals of how it works. Work more on the social side. Such as how the gangs form and how much power they have etc...

    then again, with any paper, If I had to reference anything, I usually stick the topics that are most detailed in my sources. That why I can be accurate as possible with not too much stress involved.

    But I am interested in what you decide to do in the end. So keep us upto date!

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    750 words is really short, so I think you should stick with one topic. How about the topic of using computers and the internet to commit identity theft? This could include getting info from a stolen laptop, hacking into someone's connection and getting their credit card # when they order off amazon, etc. I find all this to be very interesting.

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    Do it on Paedophiles!

    750 words is pretty short so I doubt you need more than one topic, you will probably struggle fitting in the sources (the books and magazine) for just one topic.

    Do it on Music Piracy!

    What exactly is the essay about? What class are you taking? Is the essay on the strict legality of the subject, or is it a discussion about the crime generally? If the essay is just "Write about computer crime", then that's really broad and I'd just write the most fun thing I could think of.

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    Safety issues for children who use the World Wide Web. In addition to pornography, there are also creepy people on social networking sites. List news stories of kids killed because of MySpace or other Web incidents.

    Also point to current youth trends of online use, from integration of cell phones for messages both text and voice to the use of videos and video sites such as YouTube.

    You can even talk about the history of music pirating.

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