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    Hi, My name is Mike.

    I am married and have a few kids(some adopted, some biological, and some stepkids), and they are my primary focus in life at the moment. The kids age from the ages of 3 months to 16 yrs old. They are all boys except for the lone daughter, who is a handful along with her twin brother

    I was in an accident a few years ago that left me urinary incontinent, but even before that accident I always had a thing for wearing diapers, and occasionally act like a AB as well. I have always been fascinated with diapers for some reason, and used to like wearing all the time when I could before the accident, and now I can use a bag if I prefer, but have found that the bag is a bigger pain then just wearing a diaper. My being incontinent has actually helped with my kids who wet the bed(just like I did as a kid), as they see that I have to wear so its not something to be ashamed of and they do not hide the fact that they have those issues from their friends, because if I don't care that I don't care if others know, why should they care if anyone else knows.

    I have a wide variety of interests in my life besides my kids and wife(who was supportive of the diapers before the accident), I like Star Trek, Deadliest Catch, South Park, etc. I also like to read, and my wife recently bought me a E-reader which I have loaded hundreds of books and stories from around the net onto to read when I feel like it.

    I hope to get to know some of you over time.

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    Hi Mike, I've got a 5 month old and being a long time DL, I'm wondering what I'll say to my daughter when the time comes. Unlike you, I have no good excuse to be in diapers, so it will be difficult to get away from it, and when she finds my stash, even harder to explain.

    For now, it's taking a back seat, but I find being a DL has always helped me with stressful times.

    Looking forward to chatting with you about your experiences with the kids.

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    Welcome to adisc, Mike.

    I think you'll find that there are plenty of readers on this site as well, so perhaps you can have some literary discussion if you feel like it.

    Enjoy the site!
    *makes the Vulcan Live-Long-and-Prosper sign*

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