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Thread: Suppose I should introduce myself...

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    Default Suppose I should introduce myself...

    So just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 23 y/o college AB/DL living in Iowa. I'm majoring in political science and hope to be done in December with my B.A.

    As far as the AB/DL stuff goes- I've been into diapers since I can remember and currently wear every day or every other, depending on how busy I am. I've been caught plenty of times by family members but it hasn't deterred me at all really. Last August I told my parents that I was gay and a few days later before I returned to college they stumbled upon my diaper stash and made (yet again) a big deal about it. My mother did however say that she can't do much to stop my wearing but if it ever becomes a problem I need to seek help. I do get into the AB thing once in a while as well. I had some super dry kids and some ABU cushies, but now I currently have 2 bags of bambinos and a couple of X-pluses left over for summer. Yeah...thats about it for now. Peace out.

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    Welcome. Sounds like you're family is being cool about your diaper and lifestyle, which is great! Look forward to your contributions.

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    Hi collegeboi, welcome! Congrats on graduating soon. Any plans after college? Regarding diapers, you say you've been into them as long as you can remember, but when did you actually start wearing again? Hope to see you around in the forums - maybe post some salient political articles.

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