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Thread: best night ever...yet

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    So here I am. The only person left in my dorm, all the students are gone (I'm the only staff member left too). My girlfriend left to go on vacation with friends, and I'm all alone, just me and my diapers. My dad is coming to help me move out tomorrow night. I have only 2 diapers left, so tonight I'm drinking 2 liters of water, double diapering and going to sleep. I probably won't wet in my sleep but tmrw morning will at least be interesting. I'll probably spend most of tmrw diapered if I can.

    This is exciting mostly for the fact that while my girlfriend knows about my diapers, she doesn't like the idea of wetting them or even fake messing (oatmeal is a personal favorite) so I get to double diaper and go all out tmrw morning.

    I'm wearing cvs day & night maximum absorbancy fitted briefs, a lot of bang for your buck I feel. Especially if you double up with slits cut in the first one to act as a sort of stuffer.

    Sorry for rambling I just had to tell someone because its exciting.

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    thats fun.

    I agree the CVS are good bang for your buck. and 2 should be fun. I always enjoy a chance like that to wear

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    Nice. There is something magical about being the last one in the dorm. I never wore the two years I was in communal housing. So, props to you for taking advantage of the solitude.

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