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    Hi everyone, this is my first post on this site and I'd like to introduce myself.

    I'm a pretty average person, with quirks and oddities just like everyone else. I enjoy gaming but I've never let it rule my life. A good book is always enjoyable, and these past few years I've become a much more social person. The primary focus of my life is religion. I am a Christian through and through, and enjoy expressing my faith to others. I won't do that here, since this isn't the place for that, but if someone here wants to have a private discussion about it, feel free to PM me.

    I'll go ahead and say it, since its got to come out sooner or later. I am a DL and have recently begun leaning towards ABism. I'm young, over 18 but not completely out on my own yet. With that said, I've had little to no opportunity to explore this side of myself. It does not always sit well with my beliefs, but so long as I'm not hurting someone, doing anything perverted, or looking up pornography, I'm don't see the contradiction. Diapers have been alluring to me since I was very young, and perhaps the innocence, trust, and security of an infant or small child is alluring to me as well.

    I have NEVER told anyone about my ABDL desires, not even once. This is the first time I've even mentioned it online, and it is taking a lot of courage for me to do so. I fear for what others might think, and how they might react. I assume this is a fear shared by many others as well.

    I decided to take a sort of first step today and join this community. Perhaps right now I am just looking for a place where I can get this out in the open without fear of being ridiculed, or worse.

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    Welcome to the site and excellent introduction. I'm a Christian as well and am a Methodist music director. I to have had to reconcile wearing diapers and wonder how this impacts on my faith. I didn't chose to want to wear diapers, it chose me, so I don't feel it falls to unfavorably in God's eyes. I also believe that God uses sinners to advance His Kingdom, especially those of us who are flawed.

    This is a great site, and I think you will learn a lot about yourself by becoming involved in the discussions. It makes you put thought to posed questions. For me, I have been on a journey of self awareness and discovery. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how comforting adisc can be as well.

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    Welcome to the site, I hope you find the community very hospitable! This is a place for you to discuss and develop your feelings into ABDL, and I hope we can offer the support and advice you need in this time. I commend your courage, I just you the best with everything!

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    Welcome! I hope you will find that "coming out" can be a huge relief. You seem to know that what you are doing is perfectly okay. Being a part of this group will confirm that.

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    Wow, that's amazing. Glad you found a good site.
    I'm also a Christian, and have gone through hell to get where i am today, for most of my journey i did not have internet to find sites like this, it is really a wonderful thing. I am very open to my close friends and relatives, and have a few that I trusted enough to tell them about my DL side. It is a relief to share my thoughts and discuss the issues surrounding it. i would enjoy conversing with you about various faith oriented reflections.

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