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    I think this might be the right place for this.

    So I recently have been trying out various Visual Novels - working through Chaos;Head now and loving it - and I was wondering two things:

    1. Who here appreciates visual novels/dating sims/whatever else is in a similar category (note: dating sims and visual novels are very different in everything except presentation and basic gameplay)?

    2. Has anyone ever made an AB/DL visual novel or does anyone want to?

    By the way, anyone interested in Chaos;Head - the translation was stopped for a weird reason but the finished version is easy to find: look here.

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    Never really played any visual novels (and few dating sims, though there are some that are unintentionally funny as hell), have played one interactive movie so not sure if they would count? I find interactive movies can be quite fun if the story is good. They, imo, are basically realllyyyyy easy adventure games with great stories (granted the one I played, Indigo Prophecy, wasn't easy due to the damn button mashing).

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    Haven't played Indigo Prophecy (REALLY want to find the uncensored version that got taken off the net...) but that might count judging by your description.

    EDIT: Uncensored Indigo Prohecy is called Fahrenheit, btw

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    I like them but I've only played a few. There aren't that many that have been translated/localized in english.

    I've played Disgaea Infinite, Princess Debut, and a few others.

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